Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Juice Beauty Certified Organic Skin Care

Juice Beauty offers one of the few certified organic skin care lines on the market. What a great way to start the new decade--by reversing signs of aging with powerful antioxidants, fruit acids and botanicals.

I have tried this line and it's one of the few things I will put on my face. Skin absorbs what you put on it in the same way your body takes in food, so it's very important to avoid chemicals and make sure your skin care is organic. It's a good idea to approach body care the same way you would healthy organic food.

If you like that dewy look, try Juice Beauty certified Organic products for something safe that gives that natural glow and get ready for a beautiful new year.


The EcoDiva said...

This is one of my favorite organic lines. Funny....I posted a review on it today as well. Must be fate ;)


Eco Mama said...

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