Friday, December 11, 2009

Where Teddy Bears Come From, a Quirky Holiday Children's Book

Where Teddy Bears Come From, by Burgess and Ayto is a refreshing holiday tale of a little gray wolf who can't sleep and his search for a teddy bear to help him with his insomnia. Mama wolf packs a lunch for his expedition where he seeks advice from Wise Owl who quickly sends him on his way. In a cheeky nod to the fairy tale classics, he encounters the Three Pigs (who aren't so little anymore) and Red Riding Hood who all at first mistake him as the Big Bad Wolf. No one seems to know where teddy bears come from and little wolf becomes discouraged.

He then meets up with a bearded old man in a red suit who wishes the little wolf was indeed the big bad wolf as he needs help inflating a flat tire. Little wolfe kindly obliges with some huffing and puffing and then asks the man if he knows where teddy bears come from. The man assures him he will soon find out--which he does by the end of the book.

The illustrations are modern and colorful, the prose is fun to read out loud and it's full of personality. It really stands out amongst Christmas books and I recommend it. Find it HERE.

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