Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Green Gift Guide: BLABLA Funky Monkey Doll

This is a modern take on a comforting old tradition, the sock monkey. Can you think of anything cooler for a stocking stuffer--little green monkey head peeking out? Blabla dolls are hand made in Peru in a fair trade manner using high quality natural fibers. I love the funky designs and made-with-love vibe. They're soft and cuddly, but a little edgy too, and completely different from most stuffed animals you see.

Blabla has a wide variety of dolls, including a cat, racoon, and goat. You could get a different one for each kid on your list, matching a doll to the child's personality. A monkey is most appropriate for my four year old son and he Loves it! They are offering Free Shipping through Dec. 25. You can find them HERE.


Unknown said...

The monkey is fabulous!

Eco Mama said...

I think so too Carmen, thanks for visiting!
Eco Mama