Monday, October 31, 2011

Wet Noses Organic Vegan Pumpkin Dog Treats

How about some healthy Halloween treats for your dog?  WET NOSES has some fabulous dog treats that are not only certified organic, but made with extra healthy ingredients like pumpkin which is known for being packed with antioxidants.  These are wheat free, soy free, corn free and vegan--woohoo!!  Not only that, but the packaging is wonderful and the actual treats are adorable, stamped with paw prints.  I don't know about your dog, but ours knows when festivities are going on and she wants to participate too.  Find these awesome pumpkin treats HERE

Saturday, October 29, 2011

DANDIES Gluten Free Vegan Marshmallows

Hot chocolate season is here and some people like it with marshmallows.  What's a vegetarian to do?  Check out these DANDIES vegan marshmallows--vegan and yummy.  Do you know what's in conventional marshmallows?  Bones and hooves.  Sound good?  Traditional marshmallows contain gelatin and that's what gelatin is made of--organs, skin, and bones from animals.  And they don't taste that great anyway.

But these vegan marshmallows are pretty good and my six year old loves them.  I feel okay popping some in his hot chocolate and for him it's a big treat.  They're small, minis, so not that great for roasting over a fire--maybe they'll come out with bigger ones some day.  You can still make smores in the oven with these and you can make rice crisp treats too.  Why would anyone want to eat the gross kind when you can have these?  They would be wonderful to have on hand for Halloween, hot chocolate is extra great after trick or treating.  And if you are lucky enough to live in a climate where it snows, there's nothing like a hot cup of cocoa after snow play.  Stock up on a few packs for the winter pantry HERE.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Sircuit Skin: PUMPKIN Enzyme Peel Youth Accelerator

How about a treat just for you this Halloween?  One that has no calories and makes you look great?  Sircuit Skin makes a fabulous pumpkin enzyme peel that will make you feel refreshed for the holidays.  Seriously, how can you resist a pumpkin mask this time of year?

The Youth Accelerator uses pumpkin wine enzymes to exfoliate, clean, and nourish skin, leaving it glowing and fresh feeling.  It smells wonderful and I love it for the season and beyond.  Find it HERE.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Brad's Raw Kale Chips: VAMPIRE KILLER

Have you tried Brad's Raw Leafy Kale Chips yet?  Be prepared to get hooked.  I've been eating them non stop for days and can't get enough.  Out of the three flavors I've tried, Vampire Killer, Nasty Hot, and Naked, my preference is the Naked which is the perfect blend of savory crunch.  I make kale chips all the time at home and they never taste like this.  Not even close, I don't know how they do it, but they are super delicious and addictive.  What a great snack for kids!  They have that junk food like satisfaction factor without all those empty calories, and they don't leave you feeling yucky after eating a whole box (which we have done!).  Because they are cooked below 115 degrees, they are also packed with precious vitamins and enzymes.

The Garlicy VAMPIRE KILLER Raw Leafy Kale chips are so perfect for Halloween week, don't you think?  Great for parties and snacks.  They're a healthy alternative to all that junk out there and put your average chip to shame in terms of flavor.  Seriously, I'd rather have this than any chip I can think of.  Ingredients are wholesome and pure and include cashews, red peppers, lemon, and sunflower seeds. There's just one thing---they're not organic!  Come on Brad!!!  Make them organic, please?  I will be buying them by the case as soon as I see that organic seal.   People who are willing to pay extra for healthy food have the expectation that it will be organic.  Apart from this important oversight, they are perfect.  Especially fabulous for vegans and vegetarians who don't have as many snacky options as omnivores, but I can't imagine anyone not liking these, even folks who aren't big on the green stuff.  These would be of my favorite raw finds ever,  if they were organic.  Check them out HERE.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ibex Carrie Sweater for Fall

Need a new sweater for the season?  Look at this yummy orange Ibex Carrie Hoody perfect for Autumn.  Wool is wonderful for regulating temperature and keeping you toasty warm and it's a natural and sustainable fiber.  Ibex has an accreditation program ensuring animal welfare, environmental and social sustainability.  About 70% of Ibex clothing is made right here in the US and most of it is organic.  

The Carrie Hoody sweater looks fabulous with jeans and boots and also over dresses.  That deep orange is so appropriate for this time of year, though I love this color year round, it's especially pleasing with the matching trees.  It has flattering lines, cozy pockets and a hood if you need it.  I love wool, but there is only a small handful I can feel good about.  Though Ibex is new to me, I'm feeling great about them so far.  Find the Carrie Hoody HERE.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Juicer Love: OMEGA VERT

Meet my new favorite juicer:  the OMEGA VERT.  Why do I love it so much?  Because it does everything--including juice wheatgrass.  I've used several different brands, and this is the easiest, most versatile juicer I've had yet.  I'll try to contain my excitement long enough to tell you why.

First off, it's good looking.  This is important because you must leave it out on the counter, if you don't, you won't use it.  It comes in either white or a sliver-black combo, so it will match your appliances.  And, it has a small footprint and is short enough to fit under your cabinets.

Next, it's quiet.  I've been using a Breville Elite and though it is beautiful, it's LOUD.  There have been many times I haven't juiced just because I couldn't bear to hear that noise.  I can hold a telephone conversation while juicing with the Omega, something I could never do with the Breville.

And while we are comparing, the Breville is nice because it allows you to pretty much drop in whole fruits and vegetables due to the large feed chute.  But with the Omega, I can still load whole carrots, celery stalks, and kale leaves.  I do have to cut up apples, but I just do it while the juicer is processing the other stuff, it's no big deal at all and really doesn't take much time at all--believe me, if it did, I'd really be put off.

It's so pleasing to use this juicer, the whole process is enjoyable, almost meditative.  The Breville, by contrast, is not pleasurable to use, it's almost violent the way it processes and as I said before, very very loud.  Whatever speed I might gain is not worth it, and when you factor in clean up time, I'm not sure it's any faster in the end as the Breville takes longer to clean.  I still like the Breville, but I bet it stays in the cabinet now.
You run a little water through the juicer when you're finished, then take it out and rinse.  The screen is so much easier to clean than the Breville.  It comes with a brush that looks like a big toothbrush and works great.  Of all the juicers I've had in the past, this one is the easiest to clean.  It looks like a lot of parts in the photo, but they all go together quickly and intuitively.  I can make juice and have the juicer cleaned and set up ready for the next use in less than ten minutes.

This juicer can handle wheatgrass--this is Huge.  I was thinking I'd eventually have to get a separate wheatgrass juicer because the Breville won't juice it, and that is a deterrent because I don't want all that stuff on my counter.  The Omega juicer, in this sense is like two juicers in one.  It juices wheatgrass beautifully, and oh how fabulous it is to be able to juice other stuff along with your wheatgrass.  With the other wheatgrass juicers I had, they only did the wheatgrass, so if I wanted to add another juice to cut the taste I'd still have to pull out another juicer and clean two at the end.  For those of you who haven't had wheatgrass, it can be a little intense by itself, so it's very nice to have the option to add other produce right there in the same batch.  A little cucumber and apple mixed in with the wheatgrass and you have a refreshing drink.  It also does a better job juicing greens and things like pea shoots (which are delicious). The Omega Vert's juice is more pulpy than the Breville, but that's fine with me, if you don't like pulp, you can strain the juice.

If you need to make your juice ahead of time, you can with the Omega Vert.  This is another huge benefit, sometimes you are on the go and need to pre-make your juice and take it out the door with you.   With the Breville, or any centrifugal juicer, it's recommended you drink your juice within thirty minutes because it starts oxidizing due to the force at which it's made.  The masticating Omega allows the juice to remain intact longer before the enzymes and nutrients begin to break down, they say up to 72 hours, but I don't know that I would push it that far, especially with the ease at which this juices, I feel like I can have juice any time I want and I am not deterred by the effort or mess.  Still, it's very nice to be able to make the juice in advance.  This means you will drink more juice because this is a major convenience.

Not all masticating juicers are created equal.  For instance, many years ago, I had a Champion juicer.  and though it did the job, it had an enormous footprint taking up way too much counter space and it was a devil to clean.  No comparison to the Omega Vert.

I've used this awesome juicer every single day since I got it a month ago I'm in love.  My six year old also loves the Omega Vert and gets a big thrill in feeding fruits and veggies into the chute.   This gets him excited about drinking healthy green juices--how cool is that?  It's become a ritual.  I can't recommend this juicer highly enough.  If you are thinking about getting a new juicer, or a wonderful holiday gift for someone else--get it.  Don't even think twice.  It's a juicer you will use--it will be right there on your counter looking great and calling your name.  It will not give you a headache or wake up your sleeping household members, and it will behave itself when it's time to clean it.  And if you need more incentive, here it is: it has a 10 year warranty.  Find it HERE.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Got the Facts on Milk?

Still think milk is a healthy drink?  Watch GOT THE FACTS ON MILK? and learn why it's a problem with far reaching tendrils  With our healthcare system in crisis why are we still consuming something which is implicated in so many diseases?  Have we all been brainwashed to think milk is needed for healthy bones?  Yes!  But it's just the opposite.   How has this happened?  How are we still operating under outdated bad information?

Got the Facts on Milk explores some of the reasons we got into this way of thinking and how the dairy industry permeates our culture.   Heavy hitters like Dr. Campbell of the China Study, Dr. Furhman, and Dr. Barnard speak out on why dairy is Not healthy and contributes to cancer, diabetes, obesity, and a myriad of other serious health issues.

This is very important for people who still think it's a good idea for children to have milk with their lunches.  In  some states, it's still required. Schools should be banning milk, not requiring it!  At any rate, this is a very watchable, award winning documentary that should be in every school and library.  Find more HERE.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gourmet on the Go with GSI's Kitchen 23

GSI's Kitchen 23 was designed with camping in mind, but I think it's great for travel too.  With pretty much everything you need to create healthy gourmet dishes, this 23 piece portable kit is fabulous for car camping and for car travel.  It comes in a sleek carry case with a semi-hard shell to keep your supplies organized and protected.  You can remove certain items and add your own preferences, and there's room inside for more stuff if you'd like to include extras.  I added some Dr. Bronners biodegradable soap and some utensils and additional spices and there is still room for more.

A hearty well prepared meal is such a treat on camping trips.  Food tastes so much better outdoors and after a day of adventure, it's even more pleasurable.  Figuring out all the stuff you need for food prep can be tedious, as well as trying to keep it all organized.  The Kitchen 23 does it for you.  You got your silverware, your salt and pepper shaker, condiment containers, grater, whisk (for those blueberry pancakes), cutting board, and more.

I love it for travel because when you are on the road, it can be hard to find healthy food.  With this and a knowledge of where the organic foods stores are, and maybe a few other things like a hot plate, you can create healthy meals right in your hotel room.  Hint:  The holidays are coming and his would make a fabulous gift for the outdoorsy gourmet type.  Find it on the GSI Outdoors Website.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bill Maher PSA

Environmentalist, animal activist and general bad ass, I mean, political pundit Bill Maher makes a PSA against bullying.  The IT GETS BETTER campaign is directed toward gay people, but I think it applies to all of us.  If we can't get it together amongst ourselves, how are we going to solve our global issues?   It is unacceptable for any child to have to endure this for any reason. The next time you hear someone say it's a normal part of growing up to endure bullying, ask them what would happen if bullying and discrimination happened in the workplace.  Adults don't put up with this, why should our children have to?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Blundstone Boots for Fall

Now I know what all the fuss is about.  For years I've been hearing about how wonderful Blundstone boots are, both from men and women.  I finally got to wear a pair, and I have to say, I get it.  What I like is that they play two roles--a dressy boot and a work boot.  They're both.  And they are comfortable, something I wasn't sure about since the sole is comparably thinner than what I'm used to.  I like a lot of shock absorption and tend to shy away from those thinner soles.  But these feel like boots with thick soles.  This is due to Blundstone's patented Shock Protection System, and I don't know how they did it, but it works.  There's good tread for stability as well.

They look fabulous with a skirts, making for a nice Autumn look.  A pair of cute leggings underneath paired with some warm sooks and you have something that will take you right into winter.  Jeans, of course look smashing with these and they also really dress up yoga pants.