Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Raw Family Signature Dishes: A Step By Step Guide by Victoria Boutenko

This was a great idea, a step by step guide to raw foods by one of the pioneers of the raw food movement, Victoria Boutenko. Raw Family Signature Dishes takes you through fifteen raw foods recipes, holding your hand the entire way. This book demystifies raw food cuisine and makes it completely accessible to all.

The layout is straightforward and Victoria's writing style is (as always) enjoyable and informative. The photos go through each step of the recipe and there's an equipment list with sources in the back of the book.

I think it's a good book, I would recommend it, especially for beginners (like me). I would have preferred maybe a few less steps and more recipes, but it's simplicity is very comforting and almost like having an experienced friend in the kitchen with you.

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