Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Green Gift Guide: Stacking Robots

I love robots. My son loves robots. Who doesn't love robots? These stacking robots from Schylling are made of wood, are non toxic and (something we can all appreciate) nice and quiet. They stack in a variety of different ways, encourage cognitive skills and have that fascination factor. This robot set is not just a toy, but also makes for cool decor.

They remind me of something you'd see on Big Bang Theory in Sheldon and Leonard's house. I recommend these robots for little kids and big kids. I think they'd be a fun conversation piece in an office setting or a college dorm. You can find them HERE.


Shelagh said...

These look really cool!!

Eco Mama said...

They're really cool Shelagh, very appealing to my inner nerd especially.
Eco Mama