Monday, August 31, 2009

Quell Back to School Anxiety with THE KISSING HAND

The Kissing Hand, by Audrey Penn, is a great antidote to back to school anxiety. Chester racoon is nervous about going back to school. So Mama Racoon teaches him a trick--the kissing hand--to ease his jitters.

I think this book is great for kids of all ages and any time mamas and their offspring have to be separated. My son loved the story (even though he is not nervous about school) and wants me to read it over and over. You can find it HERE.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Paint Still Contains Lead??

Another reason to make sure you buy eco-friendly paint. I thought they banned lead in paint back in the 70's. Well, they did, but apparently it didn't account for imported paint. The university of Cincinnati has just published a study finding over 73% of consumer paint brands exceed the US limits for lead, pointing to a real safety issue, especially for children. Just something to watch out for next time you buy paint.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sign Petition for Paid Sick Days

From Moms Rising:
"Today, the vast majority of all households have two parents in the labor force, yet nearly half of all private-sector working people aren't allowed to earn a single paid sick day for themselves or to care for their children. With more and more people living paycheck to paycheck to make ends meet, many simply can't afford to lose a day's pay, or even their jobs, when they have to stay home sick or to care for sick kids. Sign the petition today! The United States needs to allow all working people to earn paid sick days to ensure our economic security, and to protect our public health."
Go HERE to sign the petition.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Back to School with Yesterday's News Recycled Pencils

These are interesting, funky, and fun. And green. They're colored pencils made from recycled Chinese newspapers. They come in their own recycled tube and they have that fascination factor. They work great and both myself and my son got a big kick out of them. You can find them HERE.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back to School with the Coolest Lunch Box On Earth: DANTE BEATRIX

Meet Dante Beatrix, designer of the coolest lunch boxes on the planet. First off, they are PVC, Phthalate, and lead free as well as being insulated and thickly lined for easy clean-up. That's the practical part, aesthetically--they are Art. There's a sense of humor and sweet what-children's-stuff-should-be vibe, but somehow there's also an edge.

On the back is the Dante Beatrix logo (a devilish little horned head) with a place to write your name. The zipper pulls are little horns, and underneath the name tag, it says, "Eat your vegetables!" which just completely stole my heart.

There are several wonderful designs, but the Fei Fei panda is the most irresistible to me as I'm partial to pandas--when have you ever seen a lunch box with a panda? My son and I are fighting over it as I speak. Check out the Dante Beatrix fun, original, and wonderful line of lunch boxes on their website.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bliss Out: Coconut Bliss Ice Cream *GIVEAWAY*

Have you tried Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss ice cream yet? I just discovered it and I'm in love. Where has this stuff been all my veg years? Soy and rice ice cream just don't cut if for me. They are either sickeningly sweet or just don't taste right (at least all the ones I've tried). So I haven't really been able to enjoy frozen treats in a really long time. Coconut is the base here and makes for a rich creamy melt in your mouth consistency, though not tasting of coconut.

They have many yummy flavors to choose from and you can feel okay about eating this--it's certified organic and sweetened with agave nectar. With all the nourishing benefits of coconut, you could say it's good for you. I plan to taste my way through all the flavors. I can tell you that the cherry almond and the chocolate are excellent. Perfect texture and deep flavor without being too sweet.

They have a great back story and are just the kind of folks you want to support. I love it when I like a product and also feel good about where my money is going.

Want a free pint? Just go to Luna & Larry's website and check them out, subscribe to my blog and leave a comment letting me know you did, or, if you're already subscribed, either tell me which flavor you would choose, or blog about this giveaway (one bonus entry for blogging about it--just be sure to leave a comment letting me know you did). Good Luck!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to School Organically with MIMI THE SARDINE

"Eat. Spill. Be Happy," says Mimi the Sardine, one of the most refreshing (even though they've been around a while) eco-kid friendly companies out there.

On my quest for green back-to-school stuff, I've discovered the perfect backpack for my four year old son. It's the Propeller Backpack and it is totally different from what you've seen before. Mimi the Sardine backpacks come in different colors and patterns and have got to be the ultimate backpack for pre-schoolers.

Healthy and low maintenance, it's so cute you won't believe it. Made with Organic cotton that's Oeko-Tex certified (no nasty chemicals to worry about like PVCs, lead, etc.), and coated with water based acrylic for easy cleanup, you can just wipe it off or throw it in the wash. There's a loop at the top for hanging easily on a hook or door knob, the design is simple but well thought out and stream lined.

It's the perfect size for the content a little one would have, i.e. mainly lunch, water bottle, book, etc., but I would carry this myself. I hope they start making them for adults. Mimi the Sardine is an eco friendly company with a wonderful bright color palate and fun graphics. Check out their awesome website HERE.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back to School: Eco Friendly Stapler

How about a stapler that doesn't use staples? Apparently production of staples isn't eco friendly (who knew), so here is a solution not only to that, but to having to keep staples on hand, a staple remover, or band-aids. Safe for kids and it works! You can find the EcoStapler at Green Apple School Supplies, along with lots of other great earth friendly supplies.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Got Mercury?

A Federal study has come out warning that mercury is found in 100% of fish. We've known for a long time that fish such as tuna contains mercury, and have been told not to eat too much sushi (it's the sashimi). But now the government is admitting that mercury is found in all fish. Mercury is a powerful neurotoxin and should be taken very seriously. Before eating any more fish--you might want to just read up a bit so you can make an informed decision. For the record, we don't eat fish at all. As for getting the omegas everyone's worried about, we do fine with flax and hemp and walnuts.

Fish isn't the only thing you should worry about when considering mercury contamination. High Fructose Corn Syrup also contains mercury. First of all, in my opinion, one should not touch HFCS with a ten foot stick. There is a diabetes connection on top of a host of other maladies, it's just garbage. And they put it in everything! This has been on my list of Do Not Eat for years, right along with hydrogenated fats and a bunch of other stuff, but it never once occurred to me that HFCS would contain mercury of all things.

Think of how this affects us, especially little kids--and fetuses. No wonder Alzheimers and autism is on the rise when we are pumping ourselves full of neurotoxins and don't even know it. This is wrong on so many levels--those fish are the canaries in the coal mines.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Seriously, SIGG?

When news was breaking big about the dangers of BPA in 2007-8, smart companies like Nalgene immediately discontinued use and told customers to come and trade in their old bottles for new BPA free bottles. It looks like SIGG was weasely about this, having known that their liners contained BPA and not disclosing it, conveniently cashing in on the BPA-Free frenzy.

This doesn't sit well with me. They've just issued a statement on their website that reads a little bit like something from a politician. They knew consumers were buying their bottles to escape BPA and did not disclose this key information. I'm disappointed in SIGG. You decide how you feel about it, but you might want to check your bottles if you have any Sigg and make sure they have the newer BPA free lining. Read more about this HERE and HERE.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back to School: CROCODILE CREEK Lunch Box and COUPON CODE

Pack a healthy lunch to put inside these super cool lunch boxes. They are PVC, lead, and phthalate free and are so adorable I would use one myself (check out the Garden or Flowers lunch box, green-thumbed moms). I'm partial to Crocodile Creek and their sweet designs, have a look at my earlier post on their great backpacks.

They're a little more heavy duty than some lunch boxes out there, they are double lined and durable and clean up easily. There's a little zip pocket in the front for condiments or silverware or snacks and a mesh pouch pocket on the other side. My son got the Fire Truck and is absolutely crazy about it. You can go to their website and use the code: BACK2SCHOOL for free shipping.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sweet Red Peppers, Eat 'Em Like Apples

Red peppers are in season and we have been eating them like apples. They're very portable! Our Farmers' Market has a breed that is shaped like a cone--really fun to eat--they're Italian and called "Carmen" peppers.

Peppers are among the most nutritious of foods, but be sure to buy organic. Peppers top the list of veggies containing the most pesticide residues when grown conventionally. Bell peppers have a capsaisin eliminating recessive gene, so they're not hot like their chili pepper relatives. Often called a "superfood," peppers contain Beta carotene, Vitamin C, (powerful antioxidants that reduce free radicals), B6, Folate, fiber and the hard-to-get Lycopene. All this is great for anti-aging, cancer prevention, asthma, immune function, eyesight, arthritis and more.

Look for firm bright organic peppers. Any color is fine, they're all packed with nutrition. We prefer red and yellow. They have a crisp clean wonderful texture we love. Put them in salads, curries, and enjoy them sliced or whole, all by themselves.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Product Review: Organic Essence Vanilla Lip Balm

It doesn't get much more eco friendly than this. Organic Essence products are USDA certified organic, and use fully biodegradable packaging. This is one of the most environmentally friendly companies I've come across and I've been looking.

When I realized recently that the lip balm I was using was not organic (even though it said it was) and actually had some bad stuff in it, I thought I'd never find a healthy lip balm that I liked. Well now I've found two, Merry Hempsters and this, Organic Essence Vanilla Lip Balm.

A blend of coco and shea butters makes for the perfect consistency--I'm very picky about lip balm texture and find most way too oily. This goes on and stays on for a while, feels good and does an excellent job of keeping your lips soft. If your lips are chapped and you use this, within 24 hours you'll notice a big difference. The vanilla is a subtle but deep vanilla bean flavor, very yummy.

The packaging is innovative and as green as it gets. There's no plastic, it's made of recycled paper and soy ink and designed for composting at home. I don't think there is a more eco friendly lip balm on the market, if there is, please tell me because I certainly haven't seen anything like it. The contents are even greener. You don't have to worry about parabens, petrochemicals, toxic fragrance or preservatives. Healthy and minimalist.

All this and it's 20% larger than most lip balms on the market. Highest possible recommendation on this one. This would make an awesome present for any greenies you love, and for yourself. Can't say enough good things. You can find it HERE.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Sign Petition to Remove PVCs from Kid's School Supplies

Mom's Rising is petitioning to get PVCs banned from kids' school supplies. Head on over to their website to read THIS article with a super easy link to sign the petition in about two seconds. Here's an excerpt:

"Why worry about PVC-free school supplies? Many children's school supplies, such as lunchboxes, backpacks and binders, can be made out of PVC-a toxic plastic that is dangerous to our health and the environment. PVC contains dangerous chemical additives including phthalates, lead, cadmium, and/or organotins, which can be toxic to your child's health. These toxic additives can leach out or evaporate into the air over time posing unnecessary dangers to children. Evidence is mounting about the health risks of PVC, why would we put it in school supplies? "

Sunday, August 16, 2009

the Dirty Dozen

By now most of you have probably heard about the Dirty Dozen--the list of the most contaminated conventionally grown fruits and vegetables. The Environmental Working Group, a non profit consumer protection organization, came up with a list of the top twelve vegetables with the most pesticide residue based on data from extensive testing by the USDA and FDA. When you really do your homework the findings get pretty grisly. Over 94% of all conventional peaches tested positive for 45 different pesticides, for instance. When you research the chemicals in common pesticides you find among them neurotoxins and endocrine disruptors and a host of nasties that ravage the immune system.

The Dirty Dozen:
12 Most Contaminated Fruits and Vegetables
  • Peaches
  • Apples
  • Sweet Bell Peppers
  • Celery
  • Nectarines
  • Strawberries
  • Cherries
  • Pears
  • Imported Grapes
  • Spinach
  • Lettuce
  • Potatoes
If at all possible, try to buy the produce on this list organic and preferably from your local farmers. They are listed in order of the most toxic. Efforts to avoid Poisons are not the only reason to buy organic. Organic foods do not contain GMOs, are easier on the earth and way more sustainable. It's not just good for you but good for your community and good for the planet, it's long term thinking.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fresh From the Garden Cookbook by Ann Lovejoy

If you have a garden, or shop the Farmers' Market, Fresh From The Garden Cookbook is a gem. Settle Post-Intelligencer columnist Ann Lovejoy takes you from seed to plate through each season. If, like me, you are committed to eating local, organic seasonal food, this book will really resonate. And if you are interested in growing your own food (to any extent), you will find some excellent information and inspiration here, particularly if you live in the northwest.

Loaded with yummy color photos, the recipes are accessible but interesting, like Romanesco Broccoli with Tangerine-Walnut Sauce, Carrot Marigold Salad, or Margarita Sweet Corn. There are many vegetarian and some vegan recipes though it is an omni cookbook.

Little pearls of wisdom abound, like how to attract pollinators (not always easy with the dwindling bee population) and that it's a good idea to plant daffodils around your vegetable beds to deter deer.

I have just started my journey into organic gardening and really appreciate this uncomplicated conversational book.

Friday, August 14, 2009

NECTAR OF THE GODS: Artisana Coconut Butter

This is IT. The most divine food ever. If you like coconut and you haven't tried Artisana's Raw Organic Coconut Butter, you are in for the most sublime treat. You can eat it right out of the jar, put it in smoothies, spread it on toast, put it on veggies instead of butter, make frosting, put it in your curry, mix it up in raw food bars--perfect for kids' breakfasts or lunch boxes...there are so many things you can do with this stuff. It's the perfect food.

I love coconut in any form, so I am going to be partial to this. But I've tried other coconut butters and this is the best I've had. This is not to be confused with coconut oil, it's thick, fibrous and has a sweet flavor and you don't cook with it like you do the oil. Coconut oil is great too, and I will be talking more about that later, but this is more of a food--I would not eat coconut oil with a spoon.

Artisana's coconut butter is nutritious and deeply satisfying. I can't say enough good things about this stuff, it's one of my top favorite foods on earth. Premier Organics, the makers of Artisana, is an environmentally responsible company, so you can also feel great about supporting them. They make several other fabulous organic butters, you can check them out HERE.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I've just discovered the Mother Lode of earth friendly school supplies. Green Apple School Supplies, an offshoot of Red Apple School Supplies located in Utah, is a simple right-to-your door method of greening your child's pens, pencils, notebooks--you name it. Their philosophy is one-stop eco shopping. There's no reason not to buy green, they make it so easy. Good for you, good for the earth, my favorite combination.

These recycled cedar wood pencils are non toxic and because they are ergonomically triangular, feel great in your hand. They are much easier for my four year old to write with and they look so cool with that modern green apple graphic logo. This is my new pencil of choice. You can go to their website and stock up on a variety of options.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Product Review: CROCODILE CREEK Backpack and COUPON CODE

Crocodile Creek products are very pleasing to the eye. Colorful simple images, like a flower or a dinosaur have a sweet look, the way kids stuff should look. There's a gentle innocence and as fleeting as that is in life, I love seeing this sort of thing around the house while it lasts. They're not just cute though, they are practical and safe. Crocodile Creek products are PVC and phthalate free, lead safe and meet or exceed US and European safety standards. The only problem I see with Crocodile Creek is trying to figure out what to get amongst so many great choices.

The backpacks stand out in a sea of Spongebobs and Spidermen. They are bright and colorful (easy to spot your kid), have an organizer pouch inside, padded adjustable straps, easy to use zipper pulls, and a place to put water bottles on the side.

Go to their website and use the coupon code BACK2SCHOOL for free shipping.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Product Review: Glass Dharma Glass Straws

"Sip the World," says Glass Dharma. Isn't that beautiful? I love it. And I love these...who would have ever thought of straws. Glass. Straws. For two weeks I have been testing three different sizes of these straws. Myself and my four year old. We've had smoothies, juice, lemonade, and water, washed them right in the dishwasher--with silverware--and they are all completely in tact.

I am very selective about what plastics are allowed in our house and have banished most. It's very difficult if not impossible to get rid of all of it, even the toothpaste lid is plastic, it's everywhere. But it's also easy to avoid in some things--plates, cups, toys (sort of), tumblers, etc. I have diligently avoided it and replaced most food related items with glass or stainless steel. But straws didn't occur to me for some reason. We don't use them that often... sometimes with smoothies and summer drinks, sometimes when we're feeling festive. But straws are everywhere.

According to David Leonhardt, founder or Glass Dharma, McDonalds sells 58 million meals per day. That's a ton of straws going into the landfills, and that's just one day and one restaurant. And we don't even know what toxins could be leaching into our drinks from all those straws.

Made of borosilicate glass and guaranteed for life--if you break one, they send you another one for free, Glass Dharma straws are a cool thing to have. They're healthy for you and the earth and pleasing to use. They sell accessories on the website for the straws and I strongly recommend you buy brushes so that you can drink your smoothies with the straws and clean them easily afterwards. What a great thing to add to your eco kitchen.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Book Review: Ani's Raw Food Kitchen/Raw Food Desserts by Ani Phyo

Ani Phyo, author of Ani's Raw Food Kitchen, has come out with a new book: Ani's Raw Food Desserts. Before we get to that, let's talk about her first book. If you are new to raw foods, this is a good primer. In fact, I think it's a great book for anyone interested in health period, even if you don't want to become a raw foodist. Raw food books can be intimidating, this one is not.

I eat raw food every single day (in the form of salads, smoothies, and fruit) though I don't consume a raw food diet completely. I still love raw food cookbooks, I love the luscious photos, and I love reveling in my favorite foods--vegetables and fruit. If you already enjoy a raw food diet, great! But if not, don't feel you have to be committed to a raw lifestyle to appreciate and benefit from raw food books. I think sometimes people miss out on wonderful things because they don't think they apply to them--vegan and raw food for instance.

Ani's Raw Food Kitchen reads a little bit like a magazine. It's full of nuggets and side bars and is easy on the eye and fun to read. There are both black and white and color photos of some recipes. This book is eco-friendly and filled with educational material for a green lifestyle.

Another thing I like about this book is that it doesn't make you feel like you have to go out and get a $200 Excalibur food dehydrator to prepare complicated and time consuming recipes. Not that there's anything wrong with complicated and time consuming, it's just not practical for most people. I have a raw food cookbook that is spectacular, the photos are breath taking, but I've never made a single thing because it's just way too daunting. I am not ready for a three day recipe and I'm not sure I ever will be. Ani's recipes are accessible.

My favorite section is the salad section. I love salads as a daily main course and I'm always on the prowl for new ideas. Arugula with golden beets and walnuts in orange miso dressing is the kind of thing you find here--YUM.

Coconut breakfast cakes (with an emphasis on brain healthy flax meal) would make an excellent quick breakfast for kids to get those motor neurons going before school. There are also some easy to make nutritious bars that would be perfect to slip into backpacks or lunches.

Summertime is the perfect time to delve into raw food--it doesn't heat up the house and the variety of fruit and vegetables at the Farmers' Market is wonderful. It's a great time to try this book, you can get a copy HERE.

And now for dessert. Ani's Raw Food Desserts is a smaller book, loaded with delicious color photos. The layout is attractive and helpful--at the top of each recipe are little icons of what equipment is needed to prepare it--nice touch! Pecan Pie Cookies, Chocolate Crunch Cupcakes with Molten Mint Frosting and Oatmeal Raisin cookies are some of what you will find inside. All made with ingredients like dates and raisins and fruit. This is the kind of treat I'm happy to give my son. And believe me--he's happy to have it. Recipes are gluten, dairy, processed sugar, and cruelty free. What a great way to indulge while still consuming healthy foods! You can find a copy HERE .

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Product Review: Tazzy Totes Urban All Tote

Here's a cool thing for Market Day. The Urban All Tote from Tazzy Totes packs a lot of bang for your buck. Look at all the stuff that comes with it--two good sized expandable bags (they worked great for me at the Farmer's Market and could hold a ton of produce), three fold-up produce bags (the farmers totally appreciated that I brought my own produce bags and my broccoli is being stored in one as I speak), and a pen. All this in a smaller messenger-like shoulder bag with magnetic closure.

Organization freaks (me) will love this. I love that it's very hip and city and still green. I think this would be good for traveling too--the produce bags have many uses and the whole thing would pack down nicely and work great for shopping.

The larger bags are designed so they make their own little pockets for small things (camera, cell phone, cash, etc.). A lot of attention to detail here, these were very well thought out and quality materials were used. They come in several yummy colors and I think they will make a big hit.

Friday, August 7, 2009

ORGANIC CORN ON THE COB: Healthy Summertime Delicacy

Corn on the cob is not just a fluffy side dish, it's a nutritious summer delicacy worthy of center stage. Corn is just starting to show up at the Farmers' Market and it's outrageously sweet and delicious. We've had corn on the cob and salad now twice for dinner and it's quickly becoming a favorite meal.

Corn contains pantothenic acid, a B vitamin good for stress reduction (who doesn't need some of that), thiamine, a B vitamin helpful for brain function, beta-cryptoxanthin which are anti-cancer caratenoids, and folate, a B vitamin that supports the cardiovascular system and fetal health. Corn is also a good source of vitamin C, manganese, phosphorous, and fiber. Always buy organic (corn is one of the largest gmo crops and if it's not organic it's highly likely to be genetically modified) and look for firm fully developed cobs. We like ours with organic whipped Earth Balance, salt and pepper.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Product Review: Merry Hempsters Lip Balm and Muscle Rub

The Merry Hempsters' mischievous logo will catch your eye and make you smile a little, but just wait until you see what's on the inside. This is one environmentally friendly company.

Using post consumer recycled materials, supporting the earth friendly organic hemp market, and bringing certified organic body care to the marketplace are all ways The Merry Hempsters are offering products to get behind.

Good things come in a stick. Two products I'm over the moon about are the lip balms and muscle rubs. Their lip balm has made a huge hit with my four year old son who is crazy about the logo and loves the Lime flavor. I like Vanilla which goes on smooth without being too oily--it's that elusive perfect consistency highly desired in a lip balm.

The muscle rub is also packaged in a stick, making it convenient to slip into your backpack and allowing for non-messy application. I will not be without it again as it not only soothes achey muscles (neck and shoulders) but is very helpful with headaches--I can't believe I've gone without it this long.

Both the muscle rub and lip balm come in different flavors, you can go to their website and check out all your options. These are products you can feel good about buying, good for you and good for the enviornment.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Green Your Phone

The greenest phones are the old-school, corded phones. I have one, but it's so hard for me to be tethered to the wall since I'm always multi-tasking. Phone calls double as dish-washing time or laundry time, etc. If you can't sit still while on the phone, there may be some hope that they're getting a littler greener.

I just got a new phone and check out the box. It's Energy Star compliant--standby power consumption reduction by 59% and says No RoHS-specified Chemical Substances used (meaning lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium and specified brominated flame retardants). Looks like a step in the right direction. It also uses rechargeable AAA batteries. Go Panasonic!

By the way, the phone I chose is model KX-TG6412 if you care to check it out online. It's hard to find a phone without a built in answering system these days, but this is message free (they make the same phone with the answering system as well). The digits on the screen are extra large and easy to read, and I got a headset to go with it to minimize my EMF exposure.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Product Review: Flip and Tumble Reusable Shopping Bags

I use a variety of reusable shopping bags, but the one that has been perpetually in my backpack for the last two years is the handy (rather unfashionable) black Acme Workhorse. It stuffs into a little ball and it's functional, but it's not exactly pleasing to the eye.

I've just discovered Flip and Tumble shopping bags and I'm in love. Bye bye basic black and hello beautiful bright happy color! They stuff up into a ball, just like the others, but have a new feature, one I haven't seen yet in a reusable shopping bag. These hang on your shoulder. You can still carry them in your hands, but the handle is long enough, and padded, so that you have both options.

You have to go to the Flip & Tumble website and check these out. They are not your average shopping bag. I love the modern design and wide range color palate. The self-stuffing feature works much better than what I'm used to and looks cooler, while bright colors are easier to spot in the bottom of your backpack. The stuff mechanism even makes it's own little pocket inside the bag for loose things and the patch of felt padding on the shoulder helps keep the bag from slipping off.

They're called 24-7 bags and I think that's a perfect name, the idea being that you keep them with you all the time. I think they'd be great while traveling, at the Farmer's Market, the beach non-food related shopping trips, laundry day....any time you need a bag.

I took mine on a test run last night to get some basic groceries and found them to be comfortable and easy to use. Highly recommended!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Heathy Hibiscus

One of my favorite summer drinks is the fruity, slightly tart, totally unique Hibiscus Cooler. Just brew some hibiscus tea, add tons of ice, and pour a little maple syrup over the top. Mmmmmm, divine! There are more reasons to drink hibiscus tea besides the fabulous taste and the sparkling garnet good looks--this exotic flower is good for you too.

Hibiscus tea is cooling--enough so that it helps with hot flashes and fevers. Hibiscus contains vitamin C, antioxidants and studies have shown that hibiscus can aid in lowering both high blood pressure and cholesterol. Always check with your doctor.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Green Your Cleaning Routine with Guest Blogger: Eco Diva

Lemons have many amazing natural qualities. Besides being refreshing and a great addition to any meal, lemons have some amazing properties when combined with other natural cleaning products can work miracles to clean every room of your home. According to, here are some great alternatives to conventional cleaning when you have a bunch of (organic) lemons to the rescue.Please note: with lemon juice, always test a small section if you are unsure of the affect of the acidic qualities of the juice.

Because lemons have are acidic, they can add a disinfecting element to your cleaning routine.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Market Day

Need a little push getting out the door to the Farmers' Market on a Saturday morning? Just have a look at this book. Gorgeous photo after photo abound so you better make sure you're not hungry when you do. Organized by season, Fresh From The Farmers' Market, by Janet Fletcher, gives you tips on how to select, store and prepare produce you find at the market. There are about 75 recipes, most of which are vegetarian and vegan.