Friday, December 18, 2009

Green Gift Guide: Smartwool Flecker Socks

Here's a winning stocking stuffer--everybody need socks. Smartwool Flecker Socks are fun, funky and sustainable. They are soft and comfy and very well made. Once you try Smartwool socks it's very difficult to wear any other brand. My first pair was a random find--I was trying on boots at REI and needed socks. They handed me a pair of Smartwool, I put them on and my jaw dropped. I had never worn such comfortable socks! Those were the hiking socks.

Now they are coming out with fun colors and designs and though not as cushy as the hiking socks, they're still more comfortable than regular socks and last longer too. They also offer a matching hat, scarf, and gloves which I think would make a nice little gift set.

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