Wednesday, February 29, 2012

All Weather Must Have: Smart Wool V Neck

If you don't already have some Smartwool tees, you are missing out.  I love these for camping and travel specifically, but they are fabulous for everyday life.  They regulate body temperature, they don't get funky when you sweat--this is awesome for traveling when you are dealing with a limited wardrobe selection.  Even more if you are backpacking and every piece has to be uber practical.  And practical they are--but they are also super cute.

Check out the flattering lines on this v neck.  I love it for layering and just wearing by itself.  This under my down vest has been a staple for me, I want one in every color.  It's feminine and functional and perfect for more activities than I can name.  A definite staple and necessity.

Smartwool also recently came out with some patterned tops that give you more fashion options--they're fun.  Check out this stripey zip collar top.  I love the color and pattern, it's nice to see this energetic top.  Both tops would serve you well year round (this stuff is awesome on summer nights too).  I find that Smartwool tops can run a little small for me, normally I'd wear a medium and I tend to size up to large while on bottoms I remain a medium.  Find these cute tops and more HERE on the Smartwool website.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Barleans Vegan Omega Swirl Delicious

Want a quality Omega supplement that actually tastes good?  Barlean's Vegan Omega Swirls are delicious, too delicious.  I don't know about you, but I find even the vegan omegas somehow have a fishy taste and they're kind of hard to get down.  I could never find one I liked until now.  And not only that, but my six year old loves it (in a different dosage, check Barlean's website for child appropriate does).  I am totally sold on this product and this will be my new source for EFA's.

Omegas or EFA's (essential fatty acids) are found in fish, walnuts, seeds such as flax, hemp and chia, and leafy greens and most of us tend to run deficient.  Omegas are a necessary supplement, I believe and I really limit my intake of supplements, preferring to get my nutrition from quality organic food.  However, deficiency in omegas can lead to mental fog, depression, hyper activity in kids, lack of focus, dry skin, and other maladies.  Barlean's is a family owned business located in the Pacific Northwest and they are known for quality and freshness.  They have a wide variety of oil, so if you are looking for a vegan option, make sure you check the label.

It's not the greatest idea to get your omegas in capsules unless you really trust the company, liquid is generally better to avoid rancidity.  Barlean's is known for freshness, and they back up their product.  I would trust them with capsules, but I prefer the swirl formulas, why not enjoy a little treat?  Also, kids can easily swallow it, whereas I would never give my son a capsule for fear of choking.  The Swirls are sweet, but sugar free, sweetened with xylitol which is known for being good for your teeth.  I can't believe I found a yummy flax oil, now I don't have to remind myself to take it, I look forward to it.  Strongly recommended!  Find it HERE.

Monday, February 20, 2012

GLO Teeth Whitening System

Want to get your teeth sparkly white?  Check out this new, high tech way of whitening your teeth at home.  It's called GLO and it looks a little like something out of the future.  It's very Apple-esque, if Steve Jobs were going to design a teeth whitening system, I bet this is exactly what it would look like.  It is very cool looking, and the presentation out of the box is fabulous.  I was very interested in this because it's one of the few non toxic ways to whiten your teeth, using hydrogen peroxide and light as the main components to getting the job done.

All you do is put some of the gel on your teeth--there is a brush like applicator on the end of the round vial to help you apply it evenly--then put the mouth piece in and let it activate for eight minutes.  The mouthpiece and the device light up with pretty blue light and when the lights go off you know you're done with that eight minute segment.  There's a cord to wear the device around your neck so you can move around the house while your teeth are whitening, so you do have mobility, though you can also just hang out and answer emails or watch tv during this time.  You repeat the process four times in one sitting and you do it for four consecutive days.  It's very straightforward and easy to use.  It comes with some lip balm to help keep your lips nice and hydrated through the process.  After each session, your teeth feel super clean and fresh and look brighter and whiter.

I love the fact that more than one person can use the system by purchasing an additional mouth piece.  You can also get refills of the hydrogen peroxide formula, so you can use this system over and over.  I also love that you are not putting harsh chemicals and bleaches on your teeth and that it's appropriate for sensitive teeth.  I have sensitive teeth and it worked for me, and my teeth are whiter.  I don't know by how many shades, I wish they included some sort of color strip you could hold up to your teeth to see the progress, but I am sure my teeth are at least a couple of shades lighter.  You can find this exciting new product HERE on the Glo website, or if you are not sure how it will do on your teeth, you can purchase it from Sephora who will allow you to return it if it doesn't work for you.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

TAZA Organic Chocolate

Want something unique this Valentine's Day?  Check out these Mexicano Discs from TAZA.  They're cool looking and organic and taste great.  I LOVE the grainy texture of this chocolate which is stone ground chocolate.  I recommend the Salted Almond, made with organic almonds from California's Big Tree Organic Farm.  There is just something about that combination of salt and chocolate that makes me swoon.  Add some nuts and that sandy texture and I'm in heaven.  They come in different flavors and are available individually or by the case, I think they make a fabulous presentation.

TAZO incorporates eco friendly and socially responsible measures in their production.  I love their back-to-basics artisan approach to chocolate.  It's rustic and authentic and refreshing and really stands out  amongst premium chocolates.  Buy it locally (I just spotted it in my grocery store) and find it HERE.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sircuit Skin MOCHA LOCA: Chocolatey V-Day Treat for Your Face

Want a calorie free chocolate treat for Valentine's Day?  This will make you feel pampered and luxurious, make your face glow, and give you a decadent chocolatey treat.  Sircuit Skin's MOCHA LOCA face mask is loaded with antioxidants and enzymes to help with free radical damage.  You wash your face, then smooth it on, let it stay 10-15 minutes, then rinse.  It leaves your face feeling fresh and clean.

The smell is divine and the packaging is modern and cool, it would make a fabulous Valentine's Day gift.  Sircuit Skin opts for premium and organic ingredients and offer full disclosure and transparency.  You don't have to worry about toxic chemicals with them and they seem very cutting edge to me.  Check out their line HERE.

Friday, February 3, 2012

PlugBug for your Love Bug

This February 14th, geek out with this fabulous new option for charging your Apple devices.  It really has nothing to do with Valentine's Day so much, but in opening the gift worthy box and examining this cool little accessory called the PlugBug, I realized it's the perfect gift for V-Day.  First of all, it's shiny red (like a heart, but also easy to find in your bag).  The presentation is elegant and sleek--just like Apple packaging.  In fact, if you didn't know better, you would think this was an Apple product.  I bet they wish it was!  I'm really surprised Apple didn't think of this first, but it comes from a company called Twelve South.

The PlugBug is brilliant.  It charges two devices at once and charges your iPad faster than the charger that came with it, and with less energy.  It works on Mac Books, iPhones and iPads.  Think of how awesome this would be for traveling.  You just need one plug at the airport or hotel, you can do a quickie charge between flights, and it takes up less space in your carry on.  It's even more awesome for international travelers as it doubles as converter for your Apple devices.

For daily life, it's a de-clutterer and simplifier.  I love problem solvers like this, and a cool design to boot.  If you and/or your sweetheart has Apple products, you need this.  Find it HERE.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cozy Hand Warmer Fingerless Gloves by Nirvanna Designs

Sometimes you hands are cold, but you still need your fingers to be free for tying shoe laces, using electronics, etc.  Sometimes it's just more comfortable to have your fingers free.  Check out these super cute fingerless gloves from Nirvanna Designs.  Aren't these perfect for getting through the rest of Winter and those chilly Spring mornings?

They are butter soft on the inside and adorable on the outside.  They'll keep your hands warm on cold steering wheels and accent your outfit with some style.  They are hand made with untreated wool and cozy fleece and come in different colors.  Find them HERE. *Note:  Don't even think about putting these in the washing machine, even on handwash.  I almost ruined a pair that way, you have to wash these literally by hand and flat dry.  They're adorable and worth the effort!