Friday, September 21, 2012

KEEN's Sexy New Fall Boots

Fall is here and it's time for new boots.  Keen has something exciting this year, the AKITA HIGH BOOT which gives you some height with a stylish wedge heel.  It's made with cork for increased  comfort, and adds some sexiness while still keeping up with Keen function.  The side zip makes for easy on and off and there's a cute little accent on the back of the heel. 

The Akita is great for skirts, dresses and skinny jeans.  This boot runs true to Keen sizing, a standard 8.5 would typically size up to a 9.  Normally, I shy away from heels, but these are doable, I and was so excited to see KEEN sass it up a bit.  These are great for those of us who insist on being comfortable but still want to look good.  I needed an insole for this to feel right on my arch (I always do with any sort of heel), so don't give up right away if it doesn't feel right, try insoles to make it work for you. The brown is rustic and the black is sleek, perfect for Autumn adventures.  Find them HERE. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Back to School: OOTS LunchBox

If you like your lunch packed with style, look at these super cool lunchboxes by OOTS.  These are fun for little kids, but I also love them for college students and work lunches.  They're not super big--for some reason they look bigger to me in the photos, almost cooler size, which thankfully they are not but rather the perfect size for lunch and a drink.
The bright colors are energizing and easy to find and just plain awesome looking.  They have some chrome accents and the bold lettering is fun and adds to the style factor. They come with stacking containers that are dishwasher safe, one large and two small.  Everything is easy to clean.  Definitely something different and  refreshing in the lunch box department, find them HERE

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Back to School: Looptworks Upcycled Computer Sleeves

Need a computer sleeve for back-to-school?  Check out these cool sleeves from LOOPTWORKS.  They're made from upcycled excess material from wetsuits.  They come in different colors and sizes and I love the zippered pockets perfect for id, credit card, and cash.   I like this for beach bags, carry on luggage and any backpack or bag that doesn't have a built in spot for your laptop.  Note the orange (goldfish) is neon.  And I mean NEON, this would be fun for kids and I would think, a great theft deterrent as anyone walking off with this would be super easy to spot.  Find them HERE.

Monday, September 10, 2012

ORGANIC SkinFare Ultimate Body Salve

Want some soothing organic nourishment for your skin that will take you right through fall and winter?  Check out this body salve from SkinFare.  I love balms and lotions that come in a stick like this, they are so portable and easy to whip out and apply, then slip right back in your bag.   When those fall and winter winds hit my face, I love to feed my skin some healthy moisture and I use coconut oil for this purpose all the time.

The SkinFood stick contains coconut oil and other healthy ingredients and it's way more portable than a jar of coconut oil.  I love that it's certified organic, does not have much of a scent at all and comes in super eco friendly biodegradable packaging.  Cool design too.  Very easy to use and my skin just soaks it up.  I've used it on my face, my feet, my hands, and elbows.  I love it!  This in an exciting company, I'm curious to see what else they come up with.   Must have for the coming cold, find it HERE