Thursday, December 3, 2009

Green Gift Guide: GREEN TOYS Recycling Truck

How cool is this recycling truck? Even cooler when you realize it's made out of recycled milk jugs! Green Toys is a eco conscious toy company offering safe, earth friendly toys that are sourced and made completely in California (keeps the carbon footprint down). Even the boxes are minimalist and made of recycled materials and are stress-free--you know that packaging that makes you want to throw the thing across the room? This is easy, a kid can open it.

The back of the truck opens, it's very sturdy and it's just a good looking design. My son is way into recycling (kids so get it) and this truck makes it even more fascinating. I think it would make for an excellent gift. You can find it HERE.


Shelagh said...

Loved this post!! We just got the Green Toys tea set for our daughter for a christmas present... I have to say it is the best toy I've found for being both green AND great for play value (although we'll find out more once we give it to her). And all of the packaging is recyclable!! I can't stand that heavy plastic packaging around most toys (we can't recycle it where we live). I hope your son loves it.

Eco Mama said...

Thanks for stopping by Shelagh! I'm sure your daughter will Love it! Green Toys is one of the precious few eco friendly and safe toy companies out there, glad to hear you like them too!
Eco Mama