Monday, July 7, 2008

Product Review: Life on Earth Matching Game/eeBoo

Instill a love for nature at an early age the fun way, with this charming match up game from Eboo. An eco friendly take on The Game of Concentration, the lines on the face-down side make this game a little bit harder than it looks at first glance. Bright colorful graphics and a shiny smooth surface make you want to touch, while the images delight. We love this game for its charm and ability to occupy for a good hour. My son enjoys the game, but also has fun lining up the pieces and forming groups of different colors or species. Made very well, educational, and fun. Five stars! Ages 3+/Eboo.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Product Review: Klean Kanteen

Want to avoid BPA in your drinks? Klean Kanteen bottles are wonderful. They are non-toxic, non-leaching light weight stainless steel bottles in various sizes, even sippy cups! I have several and use them all the time. No plastic aftertaste, and they look cool. They offer different types of caps, including one with polycarbonate plastic (that's the stuff with BPA which the company actually cautions you about--a good thing, they're honest) so you can decide for yourself if a moment on the lips is dangerous or not. I prefer to avoid it altogether, but if you don't, at least your liquid isn't sitting in a bottle leaching the BPA.

This is also a great way to save money. Just fill your favorite beverage up from a more economical container at home and you're off. Or, fill them up from your own home filtration system--those individual plastic water bottles are horrible for you and the environment. I've even heard plastic water bottle users referred to as the new smokers. Klean Kanten bottles are the best I've found yet, and I've tried several brands. Thumbs up!