Friday, June 7, 2013

Dyson's Hot & Cool AM05

Need a new fan to keep you cool this summer?  Why not get one that doubles as a heater--two appliances in one?  Dyson's new Hot & Cool AM05 is perfect for small spaces and those that appreciate a modern combination of looks and function.  First off--it's gorgeous.  It comes in different colors, but the black and nickel is really sleek.  It has a grippy smooth texture and the silver is a gunmetal that is so super shiny it almost appears liquid.  It's a fan that you won't mind seeing around at all, it's pretty much functional art and it's low profile with a small footprint.  It's ideal for allergy sufferers, people with kids and pets, and minimalists.

As a fan, it works great with the ability to tilt and oscillate.  When it's in cooling mode, you see a blue light, red when it's heating.  It's not like your typical fan with the screen that accumulates dust and is hard or impossible to clean.  There's no blade to get dusty or to harm children or animals and it's a breeze to clean.  The top of the unit has a magnetic surface so the remote will stick to it and always be easy to find.

The heating function has all the qualities of the fan and packs a surprising amount of heat.  It's a big improvement on the last model and gets hotter and has more force.  If it gets knocked over, it will automatically shut off for safety and it will take the chill out of a room quickly.  I would not recommend this for heating or cooling super large open spaces (nor would I recommend any space heater for this purpose), but it's awesome for an average to large sized room.  Because of the fan and its ability to oscillate, you get an even distribution of heat.  You also have the option of focusing heat to a specific spot.  The remote makes it so easy to customize the output, which is great if you are using this to heat a bedroom and want to turn it off without having to get out of bed, or wake up in the middle of the night cold.

There is nothing negative to say about this unit.  It is spendy and that might turn some folks off, but sometimes it's better to buy one quality thing and be done rather than having to replace an item over and over which ends up costing as much in in the end anyway.  The potential money saving benefit on your heating and cooling bill should be factored in (Dyson speculates up to 20-30%), as well as safety.  Also, this is two products in one, and the space saving benefit has huge value to those living in small homes.   Brilliant design as usual coming from Dyson, I can't wait to see what they come up with next.   Find it HERE.