Sunday, December 20, 2009

Green Gift (for yourself?): Cabelas Dehydrator Cart

Counter space in my kitchen is premium real estate. My kitchen is small and I'm a minimalist at heart, not liking anything on my countertops. At the same time, if it's not on the counter, I won't use it as often, so I've chosen my most important appliances to reside in this prized space. This includes the Blender, Juicer, and Tea Kettle. Even my beautiful Kitchenaid mixer is now in the closet because I can't stand clutter.

Now there is a new appliance in my kitchen, one that I want to use all the time--the dehydrator. I've been trying to figure out the best way to handle this while keeping my kitchen aesthetically pleasing. Enter this black dehydrator cart from Cabellas. I've been using my dehydrator every day since getting this cart and I'm thrilled.

It's easily assembled, matches my stainless and black appliances, and lets me keep my valuable counter space while having constant access to the dehydrator. Neither my photo nor the one on Cabela's website does the cart justice, it's very good looking with a matte black finish. It's also bigger than it looks (I have it turned vertically next to my refrigerator), so be sure to measure. If you know someone well enough, meaning their style and needs, I think this would make a great gift. Or, treat yourself! Fabulous! Find it HERE.

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