Sunday, December 20, 2009

Green Gift Guide: Organic Produce Delivery Service Subscription

This would be my ideal gift to receive. And also my ideal gift to give to people like my older relatives who don't always get out and about for healthy organic fruit and veggies--a subscription to an organic produce delivery service or CSA.

In the summer I like to shop the Farmers' Market. But during winter, I love having fresh-from-the-farm organic food delivered to my door. I've gotten in the habit of taking the produce out of the box, putting it in my reusable produce bags and just like that--all set for the week! What a great way to support local organic farms and your loved ones' health.

It's also a super easy last minute gift you can take care of in your pajamas with a phone call. Perfect!


Mary said...

What an awesome gift! You've reminded me to send in the check for my own summer 2010 CSA. There's a discount if you subscribe before January! Hooray for local produce!

Eco Mama said...

Yes Hooray for local Organic farmers!!
Eco Mama

Anonymous said...

Where do you purchase your organic produce that is delivered? I would love to be able to have some things delivered. Please check out my blog, too. I live in Custer and am on a interesting journey to reduce our carbon footprint. I have also added your link to my blogroll.