Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Navitas Naturals Maca

It took two smoothies and now I'm hooked. I love Navitas Naturals Maca! It has a really yummy butter-scotchy smell and flavor--after a couple of times. My first taste, a quick lick off a spoon, was bitter. I wasn't sure about it at all. But that wonderful smell made me try again. I put a teaspoon in my green smoothie and it wasn't bitter at all, it just imparted a new taste and depth. I love finding new ways to change up the flavor of my smoothies and this gives it a malty taste, a little bit of a bite, and amps up the nutritional level to boot.

Native to the Peruvian and Bolivian Andes, Maca is a herbaceous plant grown as a root vegetable and for medicinal purposes. Said to have been taken by Incan warriors, Maca has been used for centuries by Andean cultures to increase energy, endurance, and strengthen the immune system. I've read that it's good for exhaustion (what mom doesn't need an antidote for exhaustion?), mental function, fertility, depression, anemia, menopause and stress. I've only been taking it (with smoothies) about two weeks, but I believe it really is good for energy and find myself craving this over coffee or tea for that 3:00 slump, which is meaningful.

Maca has a high nutritional value, containing protein, carbs, fiber, selenium, magnesium, and iron. It's a nutrient dense food, earning its reputation as a superfood. The company, Navitas Naturals, is environmentally and socially responsible and takes great care to bring high quality to their products. A company's philosophy is very important, you're not just buying a product, but endorsing a culture. I recommend giving Navitas Certified Organic Raw Maca a try on the merits of flavor alone if you like to change things up and discover new foods.

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