Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Farmers' Market Find: GROUND CHERRIES

Have you ever heard of ground cherries? I get so excited when I discover a new food and these are completely unique and spectacular. They look like little tomatillos--in fact, that's what I thought they were. But the farmer told me they're ground cherries and handed me one to taste. I examined it--they're cool looking, wrapped in that little protective paper like shell--and popped it in my mouth. WOW.

They are totally different from anything I've ever had. Fruity, sweet, exotic with a tomato texture, slight sweet cherry tomato taste with a little pineapple maybe, vanilla, and berry. Truly multi-dimensional. You have to taste them.

So of course I want to know more and went looking online for info. Apparently, they've been around forever, are native to Central and South America, grow all over the US and are quite prolific. The botanical name is physalis, and they are related to the night shade family.

They contain B vitamins and vitamin C and A, iron and pectin. They are said to reduce fever, and support digestion. You can put them in pies or tarts, jellies, muffins, salads, or just eat them right out of the carton--my personal preference, savoring all that flavor.


Unknown said...

You have my mouth watering! Where can I find these little treats?

Eco Mama said...

I've only seen them at my Farmers' Market. They are completely worth seeking out. I hope you find some!
Eco Mama

Unknown said...

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James said...

They call these "husk berries" at my farmer's market. I covet them!