Monday, September 7, 2009

Cuisipro Herb Keeper: It Works!

At long last I've found a way to sustain my Cilantro habit. Every single time I go to the store, I buy at least one bunch of organic cilantro as I put it in everything. But more often than not, part of it turns black before I get to it and wrecks the whole bunch. At $1.50 each, it adds up. Growing it myself did not work at all, so I've been on the lookout for a solution. And guess what? I found it. Cuisipro's Herb Keeper really works and I've yet to throw away yucky black cilantro, or any other herb, since I've started using it.

I was skeptical about this at first, mainly because it's plastic and I have a thing against plastic, plus I suspected it contained BPA since it's a hard clear plastic. However, a rep at Cuisipro assured me that it is SAN plastic and does not contain BPA. I do wish it were glass, but that is my only complaint.

I've tried all sorts of ways to prolong the life of fresh herbs, and this is the most effective I've found yet. It's clean and easy to manage. You just wash your herbs really well, pull out any browning or black stems or leaves, and place the stems in the container on the stick. You fill the bottom a with about two inches of water (I change mine at least every other day) and lower the stick down into the water. And voila! Just snip off what you need, when you need it. You can find it HERE.

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