Wednesday, September 23, 2009

YogaVive Yogachips, ORGANIC Apple Chips that melt in your mouth

Increase your fruit intake on the go with these small bags of dried apple chips from Yogavive. Each bag contains a whole apple in yummy chips which come in various flavors. They're good! I love the texture, very crisp and--this is going to sound terrible coming from me--but do you remember the texture of the charms in Lucky Charms? That's the closest thing I can think of to describe the texture here. Sorry for the hideous analogy, obviously I wouldn't touch Lucky Charms with a ten foot pole, but that texture... The texture is unique and fabulous. Yogachips contain only good stuff, no nasty dyes or chemicals, just organic Fuji apples and natural flavoring like cinnamon.

My son went crazy for them and could eat endless amounts if I let him (and so could I). They're very portable and would be great for lunches or to keep in your backpack for a healthy snack on the go. Sometimes it's tough to find a healthy organic quickie snack (I'm always preparing my own stuff and sometimes there's just no time). Yogachips solve that problem and are delicious and something different--they are not like other apple chips. I love them. Highly recommended!

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