Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mother Jones takes on Fiji Water

Bottled water has become the poster child for excess and waste, with good reason. Mother Jones took Fiji water to task with this article. I'm not sure where I stand on this completely, I have never been to Fiji (unfortunately) and I am not up on my Fijian History, it may indeed be a case where the company is benefiting locals in certain ways. But it does smack of exploitation and if Fiji water really wanted to do the good they say they want to do (they're billionaires, do they really need more profit?), there are so many ways they could really help the environment and their fellow humans.

Adding more plastic bottles to the equation (which are made in China via a diesel plant) does not make sense to me. Not to mention all the ethical issues at hand. How they managed to market this water as high end purity, that people still buy it, and that it's somehow glam to drink it is amazing to me. Really? It's glam? Does anyone think it's glam to drink out of a plastic bottle?

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