Friday, September 11, 2009

Organic Food Healthier than Conventional, Imagine That

Remember that "study" that came out a few weeks ago claiming organic food was no healthier than conventionally grown food? Like poison laden franken foods are equal to real, unadulterated food. Anyway, there is a new study complying with "rigorous and exhaustive scientific standards" from the French Agency For Food Safety finding that organic is indeed nutritiously superior and contains less poisons, toxins, etc. which lead to serious illness. That we need a study to prove this makes my heart hurt for mankind, but whatever, good for the AFSSA and in-your-face Monsanto.

Published in the peer reviewed scientific journal Agronomy for Sustainable Development, some key points in the study: organic food is more nutrient dense, contains more anti-oxidants, and is 94-100% pesticide residue free. You can read the AFSSA report

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