Sunday, September 13, 2009

Book Review: Bee and Me by Elle McGuinness

Bee and Me, by Elle McGuinness, is a heartwarming tale of a boy's chance encounter with honey bee. When one accidentally flies into his house and the two meet, the little boy learns just how important bees are. At first he is frightened, but the bee is friendly and explains that bees not only bring no harm to humans, but describes the dreary place the world would be without bees. The boy is somewhat transformed and the bee flies off happily. In the back of the book is a little fact section with interesting bee facts.

With lovely illustrations by Heather Brown, and Animotion (the images move when you turn the page--the dog runs, the bee flies, a flower blooms, etc.), Bee and Me is a sweet story that inspires appreciation for the natural world. My four year old son wants to read it over and over.

With Colony Collapse Disorder looming, I think this is a gentle way to impress upon our younger generations the symbiotic relationship we have with bees and nature. Bee and Me makes a great read for any budding environmentalist. Highly recommended.

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