Thursday, October 1, 2009


It's hard to get past how adorable this game is. Panda bears and little bamboo trees--too cute. But there's more to Battelo than meets the eye. HaPe International's Bamboo Collection is pure genius. Designed by a team of UN qualified teachers, scientists and engineers for the combined good of children and planet, it does not fail to deliver.

It's non-toxic, made of sustainable materials, and very well constructed--the kind of thing that can be passed down. The game itself is smart and involves strategy and memory. Players move their panda around the bamboo tiles collecting bamboo leaves. The first to fill their panda's backpack with a leaf from each tree wins. What a fun way to increase cognitive skills. My four year old loves this game and so have all his friends. The box is sturdy and stores the game very nicely.

Battelo would make a great gift or just a nice game to add to your collection for family game night or rainy days. Highly recommended. Ages 3+.


Unknown said...

I'm so getting a couple of these for Christmas presents. Really cute, thanks for posting this.

Eco Mama said...

Great idea!
Eco Mama