Saturday, September 26, 2009

Jim's Organic Coffee

The first little waft of Fall air and what do I start wanting? Coffee. Not that there's ever a time I don't want it, but cravings hit hard when the weather turns cooler. Pesticides used on coffee are among the worst of the worst, horrible for us, the farmers and the environment. It's very important to buy organic with coffee.

Jim's Organic Coffee is a great source with a huge variety of blends and roasts and is shade grown, and fair trade. They were pioneers in the organic coffee genre, and continue to strive to become even more green.

I love supporting companies with a sincere commitment to the environment and Jim's Organic Coffee is dedicated to sustainable earth friendly practices. Not only that, but they do a good bit of charity work as well. Better for our bodies and doing some good in the world is a win-win. Why buy non organic coffee like Starbucks when you can support something like this?

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