Monday, January 18, 2010

DETOX 4 Women by Natalia Rose

Having recently read Raw Food Life Force Energy, by Natalia Rose, I was excited and eager to read her latest effort, Detox For Women.   The former is a 21 Day plan, the latter four weeks, to get you detoxed and glowing with living food energy.  The newer book for me, was just a little bit less accessible.

Detox 4 Women focuses on getting rid of Candida, a problem Rose had seen growing rampant among women in her practice.  In doing this, she eliminates fruit and nuts permissible in her former book.  She allows some animal products which I don't agree with (all fish contains mercury and also see The China Study) and incorporates the the principles of proper food combining which I think is great.  Her tone is very girlfriend's guide and she is excited about what she's doing which gets you excited.  Her flexibility on animal products as well as red wine and chocolate might ease some people into the program who may otherwise feel overwhelmed.

It's basically green juice for breakfast (she includes her own favorite recipe for green lemonade), a big salad at lunch with the option to have something cooked if needed, such as a baked sweet potato or steamed veggies, and a more flexible dinner including another salad with some cooked fare.  I find this doable and reasonable and I'm gearing up to give it a go myself.

I am, however, not thrilled with the omission of nuts and fruit.  Raw Food Life Force Energy seemed more balanced to me and also more doable as a permanent way of eating, however I do get where she's coming from with the Candida issue and temporarily giving up foods that feed yeast or are harder to digest is completely understandable.

Both books contain recipes, chapters on movement, breath and psychological well being. Her method reminds me of a very worthwhile book I read years ago called Fit For Life by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond (proper food combining, avoiding processed foods, minimizing animal products, maximizing food from the plant kingdom, rebounding, etc).

I'm on the fence about which book to recommend.  I like them both, but lean heavily toward her earlier book.  If you have Candida, or suspect you do, go for Detox 4 Women.  It wouldn't hurt to read both of Rose's books, especially if, like me, you are inspired by that "you can do it!" vibe and encouraging words.  Both are very appropriate for New Year's Resolutions and I think they would work great for some internal Spring cleaning as well, carrying on into permanent change beyond detox.


bitt said...

i blinked and she has TWO more books! wow. i have heard they are really good for people transitioning to raw. i read most of her first book and it was interesting, but since i was already raw it didn't make much sense for me.

Eco Mama said...

Thanks for stopping by Bitt.
Eco Mama

Anonymous said...

I love all her books! Simple delicious recipes and her approach is realistic.
staying raw till dinner is what have been working for me. I experienced major detox on her plans.
Thank's for sharing! I am a big fan of Nat!

Eco Mama said...

Thanks for the comment HippieMom. I really like these books too. I'm having good results and I'm not even doing it as directed--just adopted a couple of ideas. Do plan to go 100% very soon (weaning off morning green tea and into the much healthier juice). Glad to hear it worked so well for you!
Eco Mama

Gilberto said...

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