Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Wave Enviro Shower Filter

Do you have a filter on your shower?  Chlorine and other chemicals can wreak havoc on skin and hair, not to mention the harmful effects it can have on the respiratory system. You know the rule, if you don't want to eat it, don't put it on your skin.  If you drink filtered water, you might want to consider putting a filter on your shower as well.

Ultimately I would like a full house filter system.  But for now I have a good drinking water filter in the kitchen and this New Wave Enviro shower filter  as an immediate solution for the shower.

My skin used to be dry after leaving the shower and I'd need to apply a lot of lotion.  Not anymore!  I'm certain it's the filter.  I don't have any sort of chlorine tester so I can't be scientific about it, but it feels better. The price is great, and they sell replacement filters for yearly change-out. It's easy to install, you just need a wrench and about five minutes.  You can find it at


Tough Cookie said...

I would LOVE a filter on my own house. Cannot wait to buy my first home! Those things are AWESOME.

bitt said...

I just got that filter and we installed it a few weeks ago. Haven't noticed anything ground breaking yet. :-)

A whole house filter would be good because I have to take medicinal baths sometimes to.

Eco Mama said...

Tough Cookie: Me too, but they are sooo spendy! I'll get to it eventually, but right now I'm working on my floors. One thing at at time... I'm in my first home and it's really fun to nest.

Bitt: Really? Sometimes my skin would almost sting after a shower and now it's just soft. They make something for bathtubs too, but the whole house filter would be the most convenient and probably more effective.

Unknown said...

Bitt of Raw: perhaps you are also low in essential fatty acids. Increase your intake of avocados, walnuts, flax seeds. Here is a useful source for more essential fatty acid information:

Tough Cookie: Whole house filters are not that effective. Replacement filter costs are very expensive. The quality of filtration is also quite poor. One needs an effective drinking water filter that filters out more than just chlorine. Our tap water is horrifically contaminated. It is possible to filter nearly your entire house with a: Shower filter, bath filter, garden bed hose filter, drinking water filter. Those four are the key areas for water filtration. They add up to be less expensive than a whole house filter and they are more effective.

You may find the bath, shower and drinking water filters here:

Dr Ben

Unknown said...

Eco Mama:
Great to hear that the shower filter helped out your skin so much! It does the same for me and my family.

Without a shower filter, my skin gets quite dry and itchy.

Dr Ben

Unknown said...

Fluoride lowers iq says a Harvard study published in a government journal....

Anonymous said...

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