Sunday, January 31, 2010

Raw Food for Real People by Rod Rotondi

Rod Rotondi grew up in a food loving Italian American household. This affection for food and family led him to study culinary arts in France.  He then travelled extensively returning back to Los Angeles where he opened his own raw foods restaurant, Leaf Organics

Raw Food for Real People contains recipes from the restaurant which are quite diverse ranging from the familiar standbys such as pizza, oatmeal, and apple pie, to a variety of international dishes reflective of the author's travels.  Dishes like Pad Thai and falafel are there for when you crave more ethnic flavors.  

The book has a nice layout, with several pages of glossy color photos in the center.  There's a section on sprouting, a section on how to feed children on a raw food diet, the importance of organic food and the health benefits of a raw diet and how to make the transition.  

Like other raw foodists, Rotondi is not militant and extols the virtues of eating even partially raw and making gradual and lasting changes to transition painlessly into a raw food lifestyle.  He is very unassuming, concluding that if you are able to cut up an apple, you are a raw food chef.  His laid back and warm attitude is sure to make readers comfortable and his recipes and tips will expand any raw foodie's repertoire.  Find it HERE


Anonymous said...

I have to have a copy of this. I'm a new Raw food diet advocate and I'm starting to love what it's doing to my whole well being. Thanks.

Eco Mama said...

Thanks for stopping by Jenny! Glad raw foods are working for you, me too!
Eco Mama