Sunday, January 3, 2010

Kyocera Double Edged Mandoline

How have I been a veggie lover without Kyocera all these years? This Double Edged Mandoline is new to my kitchen and I've been slicing away like crazy. Super thin cucumber, beets, carrots, you name it. It's so easy! You just put it over a bowl, those little grooves create stability, and go. I always get really excited over new ways to do vegetable prep and this does a great deal with very little effort. I have tried another mandoline in the past and it was a bit complicated with lots of sharp loose parts, I never used it and ended up giving it away. This one is simple. The ceramic blade stays sharp and does not brown food like stainless.

It comes with a hand guard and I highly recommend using it because it goes very very fast and I quickly nicked my thumb. For this reason, I would be mindful of how you store it, keeping it away from children and that blade covered. This is an inexpensive way to really jazz up and simplify your food prep. Kitchen essential--try it out here.


Anonymous said...

I do love my mandoline, but I'm actually afraid to use it now... Every time I take it out, I end up hurting myself! Seriously, last time I tried making zucchini fries, I thought I would have to go to the hospital... But I think that says more about my clumsiness than the safety of these things. ;)

Eco Mama said...

Maybe we should both get those cut resistant gloves?!
Eco Mama