Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Resolutions Anyone?

I'm really excited about this being a new year, new decade and new beginning. It coincides with my gradual move toward raw foods and marks that shift. It's nothing like going on a diet or some sort of drudgery, it's an adventure that I'm so grateful to undertake. My goal is not to be completely raw, but more raw and ultimately mostly raw.

I've enjoyed a mostly vegan, whole foods organic diet for many years, but now I am fine tuning my diet to really suit my body's needs. Books like the China Study and Green For Life (among others), and some wonderful blogs have propelled me further along this path and made me feel supported in my endeavors. Nutrient dense is what my body wants and I now have the tools and information to accomplish that. I feel a collective move toward more quality living, I know it's not just me.

Other resolutions include being more in the moment, and just taking better care of myself. I've been so focused on my child for the last five years, I've neglected to put that proverbial oxygen mask on myself. Another resolution--to have some good old fashioned Fun.

So Cheers everyone! To good food, good friends, good health, and good fun. Happy New Year.


bitt said...

more raw, yippee! good luck and let me know if you need any help.

Eco Mama said...

Thanks for your support bitt!
Eco Mama