Thursday, January 14, 2010

KEEN Alameda Bag

The Keen Alameda Bag is an awesome laptop messenger bag perfect for school and travel and daily activities.  I've been using this as an alternative to my backpack and I love it.  It holds a ton of stuff without being unwieldy.

My laptop fits great in the soft padded computer pocket, it holds my food--like a full lunch and emergency snacks, there's a place for a water bottle, and there's plenty of space for a sweater or jacket.  There's a toggle for your keys, padded compartments for electronics like a camera or mp3 player, and I  love the little pocket on the strap which holds my cell phone at close reach.

It's well made and durable and super cute.  There are a lot of details that I really appreciate, such as a recycled rubber bottom, nice for when you're on the bus and set the bag down on the floor.  I like the recycled metal clasp which allows you to adjust the length of the lightly padded strap.   And the outer zippered compartment makes for quick access to necessities like sunglasses or wallet.  The magnetic closure is also a nice touch.  The only thing I'm not wild about is the U-shaped inner zipper because I have to take off the bag to open it.  Not a big deal though since there's that outer zipper pocket for important stuff.

I love the messenger bag look and I love Keen, so I'm very fond of the Alameda bag.  It's a good looking, multi purpose, high functioning bag that should last forever.  Find it HERE.


Anonymous said...

Nice bag! I definitely need something that does all that :-)

Tough Cookie said...

Cool! Thanks for the info! xoxo

Eco Mama said...

Thanks for stopping by Antony, nice to see you here!

Always nice to see you Tough cookie, glad you guys liked my bag.

Eco Mama

Anonymous said...

Man proposes, God disposes.........................................