Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Blendtec Blender Jar Upgrade

Blendtec, the makers of my fabulous blender, have upgraded their blender jars.  They are now BPA free, larger, and have a much more comfortable grip.  The upgrades make a big difference with a bigger and better blade, and a lid that has an easy open hole on top for adding ingredients while blending.  If you have a Blendtec with the older jar, check this out, it's a big upgrade and well worth it.  Find it HERE.


bitt said...

i want one! great deal.

BTW, your last link didn't work but the others did.

Eco Mama said...

Thanks B.O.R., it works now!
Eco Mama

The EcoDiva said...

Love my Blendtec and LOVE that the jars are BPA free ;)