Monday, May 2, 2011

LOWEPRO CompuDay Photo 250: Modern Day Must Have

If you have an SLR camera, you know it can be difficult to find the right bag.   Lowepro's new CompuDay bag is perfection.  I have yet to find a backpack that meets my needs like this--ever--let alone one that is also a camera bag.  It's as though Lowepro read my mind and made the ultimate backpack just for me.

Having a larger camera was more complicated than I thought it would be.  Back in October, after my small Canon Powershot failed me miserably with my son's Halloween photos, I invested in a Canon Rebel SLR.  Love the camera, but it seldom goes with me because of its size and fragility, and I miss out on a lot of great photos.  Enter the Lowepro CompuDay Photo 250.

This pack answered all my needs and then some, it could be my only bag and I would be happy.  It fits my body for one thing, most packs end up being too long for me and too unwieldy (I'm 5'5).  This is manageable, comfortable, and looks good--it's the perfect size and style.  It's low profile basic black and you would not know it's made for cameras and laptops.  You definitely don't want your bag to scream "valuable stuff inside."

There is a space for your camera which is adjustable--how smart is that?  It's on the side for easy access and the fact that I can make it smaller to accommodate the size of my camera frees up space for other things.  With other camera bags and packs I've looked at,  I was always stuck with too much unused room in the camera compartment.  There are separate compartments for other electronics like your cell phone, mp3 player and pretty much anything else that needs its own separate space.  It even comes with a little zipper bag to keep your cords or chargers in.

It's a traveler's dream, being a wonderful carry on personal item and ideal day pack.  It houses everything you need--snacks, ipad or computer, wallet, water bottle, sweater, etc.  I took this on a recent train trip to Seattle and I've never been so organized.  I continually marveled at how easy this bag made my life for those two days.  The ability to slip it over my wheelie was wonderful and appreciated at the train station and I can't wait to enjoy that feature during air travel.

And as far as daily life and having my new camera with me--problem solved.   The pack is designed with the modern day person in mind.  You can snap some photos and pop into a coffee shop, download them onto your laptop, and blog away.  They thought of everything.  Highly recommended.   If you have a camera (any camera) and would like a way to make all your electronics incredibly portable and organized, you will probably love this.  Find it HERE.  Lowepro has a wide variety of camera bags to fit your specific needs, and even offers bags made of recycled materials.

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