Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Eco Mama's Green Gift Guide: Mother's Day 2011

Before becoming a mother I used to take baths all the time.  I'm not sure exactly what happened, but it's a luxury I left behind. Until a recent trip to Seattle and my stay at a hotel where they have Japanese bathtubs, I hadn't had a bath literally in years.  I took some of these Himala Rose Bath Salts with me and it was like being at a spa.  I want that ritual back and I have a feeling I am not alone.  Himala Rose Healing Rituals bath salts are good inspiration for taking that time to just exhale a little. 

Made with Himilayan sea salt, they contain minerals, trace elements and aromatherapy to help purify your body and soothe your spirit.  They come in Lavender and Rose, smell great (and not overwhelming like some bath products), and leave your skin soft and detoxified.  I love the story about how founder Melissa Kushi grew up taking outdoor baths in a tin washtub her great-grandmother threw rose petals into.  This product is certified organic, vegan, and cruelty free.  Find it HERE

The most important and wonderful gift you can give is your time.  Wouldn't it be beautiful to give (or receive) this WEWOOD WATCH along with a lovely weekend adventure or afternoon together?  I love the symbolism and the actual watch is fabulous.  Where have you ever seen a watch made from wood?  WEWOOD is an Italian company and the "avant garde approach to sophisticated sustainability."

They come in different colors and styles, but I am partial to this Date brown which has nice color variance.  The watch feels good to the touch and is completely natural and non toxic.  It comes big, with tools to fit the watch to size.  I had to take out several links, but it was simple and the watch now fits my wrist--which is not always easy since I have small wrists and things often slide right off, so it was nice to be able to customize it.  For every watch purchased, WEWOOD plants a tree.  Find them HERE. 

At the end of the day it is such a treat to climb into a soft cozy bed.  You would think all of my bedding would be organic because I am a stickler for these things.  You spend eight hours a day in bed, it should be a chemical free environment.  Most of my bedding is indeed organic, but until recently, not the sheets!  I have tried so many organic sheets and have yet to find any that are soft enough--until now.  Kassatex makes some wonderful sheets.

These are a bamboo organic cotton blend and are super soft.  I'm incredibly picky about sheets, and these pass my test.  They're light and breezy and perfect for Summer.  Every mom I know could use some quality sleep and these luxurious sheets would make a thoughtful gift.  Find them HERE.

For newer mamas I love this stroller compatible Armitage Satchel from Po Campo.  I recently got the Armitage and fell in love with it (read my review here).   This bag fits on your bike rack, carries your yoga bag, holds everything you need and looks fashionable.  I love it for anyone, but it would be a very special treat for Mother's Day.  Find it HERE.

Wraps are great for Spring and Summer and Yala Designs makes several Bamboo Dreams wraps that would be great for Mother's Day.  The Lucy Wrap is versatile, comes in different colors and is made from ultra soft sustainable bamboo rayon.  Find it HERE


Anonymous said...

Now those are some nice gift options that anyone should be happy to get! I usually just bake something for my mom and call it a day, but I'd sure like to get her something special.. Thanks for the ideas!

Eco Mama said...

Your baking, I am very sure is something quite special!
Eco Mama

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