Tuesday, May 17, 2011

STANLEY's Heavy Duty Outdoor Series

I'm a big fan of Stanley's Vacuum Bottles and Food Jars, they're hard core and something you buy one time which is better for the environment and your wallet.  Being a person who follows an organic whole foods veggie diet, I'm used to bringing along my home prepared foods and have collected a variety of to-go ware.   My Stanley stuff looks brand new even after years of use, it's just very well made and virtually indestructable.

When I discovered their Outdoor line, I got very excited since I'm gearing up for Summer adventures.  Check out this Vacuum Bottle with two built in cups.  Very smart!  I can see so many uses for this, what a great option to be able to share.  And not only that, but the cups are color coded which is a nice practical detail.  The Bottle holds a lot, keeps you drink hot or cold all day, and the colors are a very good looking deep charcoal, olive green and bright orange. 

The Mug has a clip so you can attach it to your pack.  It's not light weight so if that is an issue, this wouldn't be your best bet.  But I love that it is insulated, BPA free and heavy duty.  It won't rust or leak.

If you want to carry some hot food along with you, the Outdoor Food Jar is wonderful.  Again, the nice color scheme, no BPA, and they've included a spork in the lid.  This keeps your food hot all day, or cold, won't leak, and is built to last. 

Bringing your own home made food reduces your chances of coming into contact with chemicals and germs, you can make sure all your stuff is organic (very important to me), and it's just healthier and more satisfying and it saves you money.  All three of these would be excellent for car camping, road trips or brown bagging it to school or work.

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