Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rebagz Cinchy Tote GALAXY: Eco Friendly Wearable Art

I've always liked the recycled rice sacks made into totes, but the Rebagz Cinchy Tote takes it to new heights.  Look at this cool GALAXY Cinchy Tote.  This is a bag with multiple uses, the first being to look fabulous.  It's the perfect light weight bag for Summer.

This tote is large and perfect for a weekend getaway bag.  I can see this functioning as a mommy bag, at the Farmer's Market, college, at work, shopping, or on the plane for in-flight needs.  It will hold a ton of stuff such as your lunch, clothing, electronic goodies (though it's not padded, there is an inner pocket perfect for a cell phone), wallet, paperback or magazines...pretty much anything and everything. 

Rebagz is an award winning, good cause donating promoter of sustainable fashion.  Their fabulous bags are made with recycled materials using fair labor practices.  With a portion of the proceeds going to organizations like the Breast Cancer Emergency Fund, Greenpeace, and the Kind Campaign, it's an indulgence you can feel good about.

I love that you can be wearing jeans and a tee shirt and add one of these bags and just like that, you're stylin'.  This stuff is functional eye candy and I highly recommend having a look at their website.  Find them HERE.

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