Tuesday, May 24, 2011

BERN Bike Helmets

Believe it or not, I just started wearing bike helmets last year.  It had been a few years since I'd had a bike and it just wasn't part of my thinking back then.  Now as a mother, it's all about safety, and I wouldn't consider riding my bike without one.  It's not a big deal and there are some good options, though not that many that suit my personality.  Some of them are a little too...what's the word...sporty.  To the point of looking like you need a racing shirt and neon leggings to match.  Or that you look a little alien-esqe.   I don't dress like that when I ride my bike, in fact, I'd like to look at least a little bit fashionable while being safe.

Bern seems to get this.   Looks and function combine to create comfortable and attractive protection for your melon.  They're more low profile and there is something a little post punk about them, they're sassy.  I love the visor which keeps out sun and rain and this helmet covers more of my head than the Giro helmet I have, which makes me feel safer.

Look at these cool designs.  You can't go wrong with this basic black Berkley Helmet and that shiny finish gives it edge, it's really pretty in person.   If you want more of a pattern, they have that too.  The little black and turquoise flowers against the matte gray is interesting and feminine without getting too flashy or too girly.  And finally, if you want something more sporty, the Bomber helmet is nice without looking like you're training for a triathlon. These helmets, while they would function great for a variety of sports, look more urban, more city commuter-ish.  They're more accessible, more versatile than a lot of helmets out there.

The visors come out, and Bern has a trademark Zip Mold which you can use to customize your fit.  The helmets are lined not with Styrofoam but with injected liquid foam which provides a superior strength to weight ratio making them lighter and safer.  This is a very comfortable helmet.

I'm super impressed with Bern.  Check out these awesome helmets HERE and if you need a little push, REI is having their 20% off coupon this week, and they have them there as well.


Dottie said...

I like my Bern helmet a lot, too. It's a winter helmet with ear flaps and very snuggly through the long cold months.

Eco Mama said...

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iffoo said...

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