Tuesday, May 31, 2011


If you don't have any camping gear, it may seem like a big expense to get all the different things you'll want.  But if you compare it to other types of travel, the cost of hotels and restaurant food, you'll quickly find that it's a much more economical way to have family adventures.  And once you have your gear, you're good to go as often as you like. Here are some affordable quality basics for Summer car camping--stay tuned for more of my Summer Camping Series. 

My son loves this tent because it's blue, I love it because it's easy to use.  It is a very good looking tent.  Set up is simple and takes me about 10-15 minutes.  The construction is good with a "bathtub" bottom which keeps rain out.  There are extra storage options included with the tent like a hanging gear loft, storage unit, and bottle holders.

I love the sky light opening at the top (without the fly) and the windows on all sides.  This makes for great ventilation and views.  The dome is good for wind and rain.  The Sunrise 8 is a luxury tent for two, though it will accommodate four people. The tent also comes in two other sizes.

Taking the tent down and getting it back in its bag is easy and it's just a great all around economical tent for family car camping.

 Exped Mega Mat:  If you're going to splurge, I think a quality sleeping mat is a worthy luxury.  Tired and cranky do not make for a good outing.  This mat is ridiculously comfortable and two mats easily attach together if you need a double mat.  Read my in-depth review Here. 
KELTY ECLIPSE 30 DOUBLE SLEEPING BAG:  This is a great value for families.  It's a double sleeping bag that separates into two individual sleeping bags, you're basically getting a two for one deal here.

This is perfect for couples or for co-sleeping with kids.  When the child develops more autonomy and wants their own bag, voila, there it is.  The other side is a plain dark orange, which casts a nice glow in the tent. It has a pillow pocket, anti-snag zippers, a stash pocket, and I love that it has its own integrated stuff sack/carry bag--brilliant design.   It's a very comfortable sleeping bag and it doesn't get easier than this.

THERMAREST PILLOW:  Thermarest pillows are by products of their sleeping pads.  They utilize scraps to make their compressible pillows great for camping or travel.  My son especially liked the medium blue pillow--it fits his six year old frame and the colors are fun. 

Opening Image Credit: Kelty


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HiHoRosie said...

That pad looks great! We typically use foam pads when camping.