Friday, December 24, 2010

Winter Solstice, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas

Just the word solstice conjures up feelings of reverence in me.  Astronomically, solstice is when the sun is at its greatest distance from the celestial equator.  This occurs twice a year, once in the summer and once in the winter.  This winter, it was Tuesday.  Winter is officially here.  For me, solstice has a more emotional and sentimental connotation.  Winter fills me with wonder, particularly snowy winters.  It's a good feeling to be in touch with our natural world and winter does that for me in its own unique way.  I love acknowledging the different seasons and the beauty they hold.   Thank you for sharing the seasons with me my wonderful readers!  I wish you all the magic of winter and a beautiful cozy Christmas filled with love.

Image Credit:  mikeancient


Anonymous said...

Ah the solstice, yes! Solstice, Holidays and Christmas I wish you the loveliest :-)

Eco Mama said...

You too Antony!
Eco Mama

bitt said...

Happy Solstice!