Thursday, December 16, 2010

Eco Mama's Canine Christmas: Holiday Gifts for the Dog or Dog Lover in Your Life

Photobooth Dogs, by Cameron Woo, is a refreshing yet old school look at dogs and the people who love them.  Vintage photos captured from photobooth cameras really highlight that unique affection.  It's artful and I dare you not to smile at least once looking through this endearing collection.

Check out this fabulous Robot Doggy Duvet by Molly Mutt.  Molly (there is a real Molly) actually designed this fabric herself which I think is so cool.  Robots!   She also has several other wonderful designs to choose from. The idea is that you stuff the duvet with and old dog bed, blanket, or old clothes which serve as a re-purposing of stuff as well as a comfort for the dog since dogs love to smell their peeps.  Very well made and crazy cute.  She also has some great non-toxic aromatherapy doggie shampoo and coat conditioners that would make cute stocking stuffers
These FLEECE WARM UPS from Cloak and Dawggie are really nice for winter, they're simple and quite dignified compared to a lot of the dog clothes you find.  Fleece works and it stops our dog from shivering the minute we put it on.  I love that they come in neutral colors like gray, chocolate, and black.
The FURminator.  This thing really cuts down on shedding.  Our dog is a short hair Chihuahua, so shedding isn't a huge problem, but her hairs are pokey and they show up big time on black clothes.  The FURminator solves this problem in about 30 seconds and the dog enjoys it.  My brother has a shepherd that sheds like crazy, so I told him about the FURminator, he got one, and says he couldn't believe the difference it made.  They come specific to the hair-type of your dog and they also make them for cats.  You can find a demo videos online.

Chilly Dogs makes some really cute little dog sweaters--really cute.  They are handmade and comply with fair trade standards and are made with plant-dyed wool.  I love the Peace sign, the Monkey and this Monster sweater.

Planet Dog makes some great stocking stuffers for dogs.  Our dog has lots of Planet Dog toys and has never chewed through one, but she is tiny.  Check out these cute Christmas Tree Light Bulbs which hide treats.
I also love the Naughty and Nice Gingerbread Men that squeak.  Both of these come in the size right for your dog.  Planet Dog makes non-toxic toys and donates a portion of their profits to help with the training and placement of working dogs to help the disabled, another great company you can feel good about supporting.

Poochie Bells sound like sleigh bells, but help your dog with potty training and alerting you that your dog needs to go outside.  You just loop it over the door knob and the dog nudges the bell when they want out.  Be sure to get the eco friendly bamboo version.


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