Friday, December 10, 2010

Eco Mama's Green Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

Stocking stuffers have always been more fun and exciting to me than the actual presents under the  tree.  The trick to stuffing a decent stocking is put good stuff in there!  Don't scrimp because it's a stocking, think Quality.  If you're low on funds, a quality chocolate bar (Trader Joes has some for around $2) and a $15 iTunes gift card would be fabulous.  No trial size deodorants and toothpastes (unless they are high quality organic products).  Make your stocking gifts shine.  Here are my picks for this year:

Mirrycle MTB Bar End Mountain Bicycle MirrorFor the bike commuter or anyone with a bike:  Incredibells, made by Mirrycle.  These are so cute and useful!  They are tiny and don't take up a lot of handlebar space but get the job done with a polite little ding. There's even one that will tell you the temperature outside.  Incredibells come in a variety of colors and a couple of different sizes and would make a wonderful and unexpected stocking stuffer. Mirrycle also makes mirrors which come in a little box that would fit in a stocking.  These are super handy for moms riding with kids, giving us those eyes we need in the back of our heads.  
HURRAW Raw Organic Vegan Lip Balms.  Hurraw lip balms are indeed organic, raw and vegan, I know of no other balms like this on the market.  Perfect for anyone, but your vegan and raw foodie  friends will really appreciate these.  And they come in fabulous flavors like Green Tea, Almond, Coffee and Chocolate.  A spicy Chai lip balm would be so warming on a cold winter day and is perfect for the stocking.

Leap Organics Soaps Look at these amazing soaps!  I wish they would offer these images in print form (I'm wild for the Octopus), they're gorgeous and really make a great gift-presentation.  Anyone finding one of these in their stocking would be thrilled.  The scent combinations are divine and original. They're organic, vegan, packaged in recycled paper, and are produced using renewable energy.  Very impressive, and they smell wonderful. The company even gives a percentage of their profits to support eco friendly endeavors.

 A water bottle lends itself very nicely to the stocking.  And there is something new on the water bottle front:  TAKEYA.  For cold beverages, these glass bottles are sleek and won't have any sort of aftertaste.  They have a leakproof cap and silicone jacket to help protect the bottle and provide a comfortable grip.  They're dishwasher safe and they come in several modern colors.  

For hot beverages, how about this stainless steel vacuum LITTLE BLACK BOTTLE from Aladdin.  It's sleek and sexy and will keep your drink hot for hours.  Will also keep something cold, but I think it's perfect for that steaming chai tea on the go when it's cold outside.  

iTunes gift card.  Who wouldn't be happy to have this?  And it's just too easy.  You can even gift specific songs and playlists.

Emile Henry Mini Pot:  I'm a huge fan of Emile Henry.  This cookware is from the earth and of the earth, made from French clay.  The glazes are natural and non toxic and the company itself is very green and observes strict eco friendly practices.  This little pot (4 inches--the size of a ramekin) will fit in a stocking and surprise the foodie on your list.  I think this tiny pot would be nice for raw foodies because it's small enough to fit nicely in the dehydrator and you can "cook" your soups and other raw dishes in this while still maintaining the proper temperature to keep it raw.  You can also heat the pot then put a soup made in the blender in the pot.  That warmth really counts on a cold day. It would also make a great container for  salt and (vegan) herbed butter.

All stockings should have some chocolate within.  This Theo Nutcracker Toffee Bar is perfect for the occasion. Organic and Vegan and quite festive.  Save money and buy a whole case to pass out to your friends.  They also have other festive holiday flavors to choose from.

For teenage girls, I think GLAMGLOBES  are cool.  They're a little snowglobe for your hand and you can customize your own background and change it as often as you like.  They're adjustable, sparkly, festive and fun, and Glamglobes gives back a portion of their profits to a good cause of your choice.

I've recently discovered Zhena's Gypsy Teas and they have some really cute Holiday tins that would be great for stockings.  They're organic, fair trade, and come in fabulous flavors.  
For the Yoga enthusiast, this Hemp Yoga Strap from Natural Fitness would be a nice addition to the stocking.  Yoga straps help you deepen your poses and get into positions that might otherwise be unavailable to you.  You can't beat hemp and I love the energizing color. 
Bicycle Eco Friendly Playing Cards are made from recyclable sustainable forest paper and printed with vegetable based ink.  These scream stocking stuffer.  Play with friends and family after your big holiday meal.

Image Credit:  Hemp Stockings are from Amenity Homes and are sold out, however you can find other holiday goodies made from the same fabric on their website.


bitt said...

Can Santa hire you for all the vegan stockings? Great list. I love Theo chocolate.

Eco Mama said...

Thank you Bitt!
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