Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Manduka: Beautiful, Sexy, Eco Friendly.

Manduka has the most wonderful yoga gear I know of--it's sexy, uber functional and eco friendly.  It's not only very aesthetically pleasing, it's beautifully functional. Look at this gorgeous CLASSIC PRO PACKAGE.  I wasn't sure there would be that big of a difference between the regular eco friendly yoga mats I've been using (including Manduka's) and this Black Mat Pro, but boy is there.  You feel like you have a solid foundation under you.  It gives you extra comfort and it's just the right size.  This mat is guaranteed for life, so you don't have to worry about your investment. 

The MatSak is also beautiful, fitting the Pro mat perfectly and easily, there's no struggling at all.  The color is a deep soothing sexy charcoal and the hardware is gunmetal and it has a convenient  handle on either end as well as the longer strap.  It has ventilation grommets and extra pockets for towels, cell phones, snacks, or whatever you want to put in there and the bag is so well made I seriously doubt you would ever need another one.  It's by far the nicest mat bag I've ever seen in terms of both function and looks. 

This package also comes with the eQua Mat Towel which provides a slip resistant surface when placed over your mat.  It's super absorbent, butter soft and good looking with its contrast border stitching. 

Bolsters don't come with this particular set, but I love their rectangular airCORE Bolster.  It's made from recycled content and cotton and has a removable machine washable cover.  There's a handle on the end and this bolster is designed to be considerably more lightweight than other bolsters of its size. 

There is still time to get Manduka gear for a Christmas present through Amazon, or, treat yourself.  It's perfect timing to get you inspired for a new year filled with gratifying yoga practice.  Manduka is one of those rare companies on a mission to make the world healthier and more beautiful.  Free shipping through December on Manduka's website.  Go ahead and do it, you won't be disappointed.


Anonymous said...

Hi Eco Mama

I'd definitely recommend a retreat, especially at this time of year (though the raw foods - or indeed any food at all seems very tempting right now).

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season

Antony x

Eco Mama said...

You too Antony!
Eco Mama