Saturday, December 4, 2010

JUICE BEAUTY Organic Conditioning Lip Color


Have you heard that statistic that the average woman consumes, i.e. eats, several pounds of lipstick during her lifetime?  That sounds a little implausible to me, but here's the thing--even if you don't ingest the lipstick, you are consuming it through your skin. Remember the rule, if you wouldn't eat it, don't put it on your skin because your skin absorbs it even more readily than your digestive system (think birth control patch). And because most lipsticks on the market contain some scary and unacceptable ingredients including lead, and other toxic chemicals.  

Since the FDA does not regulate cosmetics (nor will it pull hazardous products off the shelves), it's a really good idea to buy certified organic products whenever possible.  

Juice Beauty offers some wonderful USDA certified body care products.  I love their facial products and was thrilled to learn they are branching out into organic makeup.  Now I'm not a big make up wearer.  Maybe a little lipstick here and there and on occasion, the eyes.  But sometimes even women who don't normally wear makeup like to dabble, and it's important to have safe options.  It's fun to be girly and what a difference a little color on your lips makes to your appearance!   The new Juice Beauty Conditioning Lip Color is fabulous and I feel brightened up for the season.

The Fig color is gorgeous.  If you want the color to appear lighter, you can apply it with a little lip balm and get the exact shade you like.  Straight out of the tube it has a deep matte finish that glides on smooth and a little goes a long way.  The color stays on which is appreciated and unexpected.  I've always had to reapply lipstick with great frequency if I want the color to last, but this one really stays on for me.  I also like the thin silver tube with the slanted opening.  I highly recommend this lip color--this would be an awesome stocking stuffer by the way, for your green girlfriends.  Find it HERE on the Juice Beauty website.  

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