Sunday, December 19, 2010

Eco Mama's Holiday Gift Guide

The best gift, in my opinion, is your time.  Shared experiences make for memories that last and that's the stuff that gives life meaning.  So the first thing I would recommend is kind of obvious, and that's spending time with the people you love.  Special moments happen all the time, even when you might not even notice until you hear someone say, "remember when we..."  A trip to France or a trip to your local coffee shop can end up being a bonding time and something that stays nestled happily in your mind forever.

I'm also completely in favor of handing someone a beautiful wrapped present during the holidays.  Whether it's a three dollar box of their favorite tea or something expensive, I think anything that shows someone you know them is particularly wonderful.  Here are a few random fun things for a variety of people on your list.

Citi Blocs come in cool colors (blues and greens) or hot colors and are a wonderful open ended building toy for everyone to enjoy.  Each block is 4 1/2 inches long by 1 inch wide by 1/4 inch thick and they are non toxic.  Comes with 100 blocks cut from Radiata Pine wood harvested from certified renewable forests in New Zealand.  They're modern, pleasing to the eye and touch and foster creativity.
I'm a big fan of anti-fatigue mats, especially in the kitchen.  Imprint has just come out with a larger size comfort mat so you can find the right size for your space and customize for your needs.  Treat yourself to an early Christmas present for all the time you'll be spending in the kitchen baking cookies (it makes a huge difference) or gift to someone you love.  The mats are non toxic, eco friendly, and make doing dishes no big deal.  Different colors, patterns, and sizes are available.  They feel especially luxurious under bare feet and would also be wonderful in the bathroom, studio, garage, laundry room, or anywhere else a lot of standing takes place.

For kids, this Natural History Museum Jellyfish Lampquarium is pretty interesting.  The "jellyfish" float around in a soothing motion while the light changes.  It makes for a fun project and maintainance free pet and doubles as a nightlight.

For the Gardener:  Gardenopoly.  Just like the traditional Monopoly, but with a charming garden theme.  Property is transformed into different plants, cute little clay pots and greenhouses replace houses and hotels, and instead of the shoe, race car, dog, etc., you get to play with a garden gnome, ladybug and wheelbarrow amongst other things. The backs of the deed cards contain fun plant-trivia.  Really cute game printed on recycled paper with soy ink.

MIESSENCE Perfume Sampler is a great way to gift fragrance because it is certified organic, non-toxic and comes with a variety of fragrances in cute little 1x1 ml. vials.  It's small enough to fit nicely in a stocking and wonderful enough to go wrapped under the tree.  These high quality botanicals come in scents like Calm, Wild, Free, Brave, and Love. Use coupon code ely020 for 20% off through the end of December.
Kyocera Electric Diamond Knife Sharpener for Kyocera Ceramic Knifes

Kyocera KC Classic Series 5-Inch White Slicer KnifeFor the Cook, Kyocera Ceramic Knives.  If you have never used a ceramic knife, you are in for a huge treat.  If you have, then you know how awesome they are.  Kyocera is the only ceramic knife I've ever used and boy do I use it.  They also make a sharpener specific to ceramic knives, that would be wonderful for the person that already has ceramic knives.  This Kyocera five inch knife comes in a lovely black box which makes a great presentation. The two together would be a fabulous gift-combo. 

Look at these cool Kidz Place Mats from MODERN TWIST.  They have them for both kids and adults, but I think the kid place mats would be fun for anyone.  They are made of silicone and can be colored on (with any erasable marker) and used over and over again saving paper and trees.  The texture is butter soft and the designs are fabulous.  I love this old school fairy tale made modern into the Hide And Seek mat. 

Uncle Skunkle Green Rubberwood Game (Destruct 3)Eco friendly Unckle Skunkle's Destruct 3 is a build 'em up, knock 'em down game of strategy and destruction.  Made of renewable rubberwood, the game is good looking and I think would really appeal to boys.  Uncle Skunkle has several green toys to choose from and is an environmentally an socially responsible company that gives back. 

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