Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentine's Chocolate Roundup

Chocolate is the ideal gift for Valentine's Day.  It works in a variety of circumstances--and almost everyone loves it and it's affordable and good for you!  Great for your sweetheart, your child, your Mother, friends, anybody.  Chocolate speaks to something deep within, something primal.  There is nothing else like it.  Below are just a few chocolates that I have tried and liked.  Some are raw, all are organic and all but one is vegan (the Equal Exchange gift includes milk chocolate).

Endangered Species makes a wonderful vegan dark chocolate cherry that is smooth, organic, and supports endangered wildlife--yaay!  The cherry is my pick for Valentine's gifts but they have a bi selection to choose from.

For raw chocolate, UliMana has a great selection of organic raw vegan chocolates and treats.  I liked the cacao truffle and the lemon fig bars myself.  UliMana is an uber positive company whose namesake is the serenity goddess Uli which combined with Mana (life force energy) is a prayer to the goddess Uli asking for vibrant health and energy.

Equal Exchange has a gift set they are promoting for Valentine's Day pairing coffee and chocolate.  It contains two dark chocolate bars, two milk chocolate bars, and two different types of coffee.  The bag and tissue paper is recycled and Equal Exchange is a Fair Trade Organic company.  I Love the Equal Exchange vegan dark chocolate bars--this one is Extra Dark and they are not kidding.  Equal Exchange is eco friendly and fair trade, always a nice company to support.

For something sexy, try Lulu's Chocolate Alchemy.  Their chocolates are raw, organic, and unique.  Their Velvet comes in a lovely glass jar and is dark chocolate infused with maca root, vanilla bean, and orchid.  This would make a very attractive presentation for a gift to your sweetie.  Lulu is definitely taking chocolate to new heights.

And speaking of sexy, I think Alter Eco's packaging is sexy and masculine, great for guy gifts.  The chcolate is deep and dark.

For the adventurous who like to make their own treats, how about making your own raw chocolates for your valentine?  East Bluff Trading Co. is a company comprised of two brothers passionate about chocolate bringing the first ever Venezuelan organic cacao to the US.  They offer organic raw cacao butter, cacao, nibs--everything you need to create your own sweet confections and keep them as pure as you like.  


bitt said...

Delicious ideas. I love all the ones I've tried. I would love to try Lulu's. Mmm

Audrey said...

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Thanks! : )