Sunday, February 7, 2010

High Raw Detox Day 3

Mid Morning:  Green Juice consisting of broccoli stalks, lemon, bunch of kale, cucumber, ginger, stevia.

Lunch:  Big Salad with cucumber, smashed avocado with lemon, onion powder, stevia, salt and pepper. Steamed broccoli with coconut oil, lemon, s&p.  Yam with coconut oil, s&p.

Note:  I was completely hooked on whipped Earth Balance and worried about being able to give it up.  How will I eat steamed broccoli without my EB, I thought.  Well--coconut oil to the rescue!  I've been substituting with Navitas Naturals coconut oil and I'm doing just fine!  Not only that, but I need only a fraction of what I was consuming with the EB.  A tiny little bit goes a very long way and it's a much cleaner oil.

Pre-Dinner:  I'm not supposed to eat (dark) chocolate until after dinner, but I started getting that weak, shaky feeling and just grabbed it and ate it.  It's weird because I don't feel hungry when that happens, but eating helps to take that feeling away.  Juice probably would have too, but I wanted something immediate.  And also sweet plays into it as well.  Hopefully my body will adapt soon, I really would like to reserve chocolate for more of a treat than a stabilizer.

Dinner: Salad--red leaf lettuce, cuke, shredded carrot, mashed avocado, lemon, seasonings. steamed broccoli w/lemon and coconut oil, s&p, half a sweet potato.  (ate half of sweet potato, doubled the broccoli and salad portions).


Anonymous said...

It's great that you listen to your body! and I know what you mean about the chocolate...;-]
Everything looks delicious!


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