Sunday, February 21, 2010

Off and back On the Wagon

Hi Everybody.  The last week has been hectic.  I had some construction work done on my house (more on that later) which is wonderful but I didn't have any real access to my kitchen for a few days.  This made it hard/impossible to juice, prep salads, etc.  So I did the best I could and fell a little bit off the wagon.  But I didn't fall too far off.  I want to share with you my "cheats."  I'm actually kind of proud of them, they showed me that I've made some lasting changes.

I had some raw blueberry granola, some sprouted whole grain toast with avocado, arugula pear salad with fig vinaigrette and maple caramelized pecans, a Thai red coconut curry with veggies (no rice, just curry).  Oh, and two mangos.  Those are my indiscretions, the rest of my food intake has been the salads with avocado and sweet potatoes.

As of right now I'm back on completely, I have my kitchen back and things have settled down.  It was just a crazy week.  The food I ate was attainable, and there was an element of comfort involved on a couple of things, like the mango, salad and curry.  Those are pretty healthy comfort food choices, I think, so I don't feel bad about it but happy that I've had a paradigm shift, and that's good to know.

The day after I ate the bread I got a migraine.  Not sure if there is a connection since there were several other migraine-causers present but it certainly raised an eyebrow.  I'm happy and grateful to be back on my detox and realize just how much I need it.  Onward!

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Anonymous said...

That is wonderful slack off ☺ without considering the kitch crisis!!!

You are definitely doing GRreat ☺
Fig vinaigrette! Yum!

And I LOVE mangoes, wish I had a tree ☺


bitt said...

how awful not to have access to the kitchen! been there, no fun.

wheat is the devil to me. and a lot of other people get symptoms from it. sorry bout the migraine, those are no fun.

happy detoxing!

Eco Mama said...

HippieMom: Thank you!

Bitt: The devil, eh? I'm starting to get that impression. If it is wheat that's causing me problems I'm happy to get it out of my diet. In fact I almost hope that's what it is so I can have a solution, although I strongly suspect it's a cumulative-threshold thing that's going on with me. Still, happy to lose the wheat if I need to.

Thanks for your comments guys!
Eco Mama