Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sweet Gratitude. Sweets for Your Sweet.

Sweet Gratitude by Rogers and Tamborra, is an apt title for February.  Written by chefs from Cafe Gratitude, it's filled with a zillion options for Valentine festivities, or any other occasion.

What I love:  The authors are completely sincere.  It's an uplifting book with a holistic approach to well being and food.  I love what they say about guilt and sweet indulgences and that foods like this are important and are soul food.  One need never feel guilty over anything provided in this book and can allow themselves to be nourished by the otherwise forbidden.  Having said that, I wouldn't sit down and eat a half of raw pie (if you are eating mindfully, you wouldn't want to anyway, it's safe).

There is a great variety and the recipes are laid out very simply.  I am on a cleanse at the moment and have not had a chance to try one of the many recipes I've bookmarked, but Aimee over at A Bitt of Raw makes mouthwatering desserts all the time from this book and frequently posts wonderful photos of her creations. 

What I don't love:  This book has the feel of a much older book, like a book from the 70's.  That doesn't do the content justice in my opinion.  I felt that way about I Am Grateful, the other Cafe Gratitude cookbook as well.  Also,  some recipe ingredients are listed by weight.  I found this cumbersome and don't like having to sort out conversions (which are listed in the front of the book).  It would have been nice if that had been done for the reader.

As for the difficulty, I don't think the recipes are any more difficult than conventional baked goods, they're probably easier, there's just a learning curve to be addressed for the uninitiated which is  fine. 

Overall, I do recommend this book without reservation.  I think anyone interested in healthy eating should have this in their collection and I think it would make a great gift for Valentine's Day or a great purchase prior to Valentines Day so you can prepare some sweets for your sweet.  Find it HERE. 


bitt said...

It would be hard to sit down and eat a half a raw pie...they're so filling!

Thanks for the shout out!

The weight measurement for things like dates are important because dates vary a lot in size and weight. I bought a little scale and it solved that.

As for difficulty, well before I even bought this book I had two classes with one of the chefs from cafe gratitude and she explained working with some of the more difficult ingredients.

The recipes are a bit more complex than many other raw recipes but the result is on a whole new level. Some of the best desserts I've had EVER, cooked or raw!

Eco Mama said...

Ah! That explains why your stuff always comes out looking so amazing! I will report back after I've had a chance to try some recipes. I find baked goods to be difficult sometimes and these don't look any worse to me but thanks for saying that, at least I won't expect mine to look like yours right away!

The weight thing--I do get that. But I have a ton of other raw food books that don't list ingredients like dates by weight and for where I'm at right now, the weight is not helpful. Looks like I will have to get a scale.

Have you made the Tiramisu yet? That's the one I want most.

Thanks for stopping by Bitt!
Eco Mama

Anonymous said...

One of our interns tested the Raw Cacao Fudge recipe from this book, and we all got to try. It was delicious!

If you're interested, check out her blog post about the experience: http://twurl.cc/26gb

The EcoDiva said...

This book looks amazing!!! I've just gotten into vegan treats for my kiddo due to eliminating eggs, dairy, soy & gluten.

I'll have to check this book out soon ;))