Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kyocera Ceramic Knife

One of my recent discoveries has been ceramic knives, specifically, Kyocera.  How have I missed out on this all these years?  Ceramic knives rule.  I thought I had really nice knives, a fabulous Santouku from Crate and Barrel and a Henckel I've had for years.  Well, enter this Kyocera Chef's Knife and I no longer even want to use my other knives.

A knife is something I use multiple times a day and I really appreciate quality.  Ceramic knives stay sharp and don't oxidize and turn your food brown (something that easily happens to lettuce). This knife feels good in my hand and makes chopping easy and pleasurable.  After using this, I wouldn't even consider buying another metal knife.


Elena said...

If you ever decide to give one away, let me know :) I have been wanting to try them. I use a knife too many times a day not to want something I won't have to sharpen too often :)

The EcoDiva said...

I want one :)))


bitt said...

I want one too!

Eco Mama said...

Get one--you'll Love it!!
Eco Mama