Thursday, October 22, 2009

Calming Blue Bamboo

This print, by Frank Carter, is on my wall. I find it deeply soothing and pleasing to look at. Sometimes it stops me dead in my tracks. I've had the pleasure of hanging out in bamboo forests and for me it was a magical experience that I hold dear in my memory.

With the holidays coming up fast, I have to catch myself when excitement turns into stress and overwhelm. One of my tricks is to focus on a calming image, or conjure one up in my mind. They say that true peace does not come when you're meditating, but when you are able to find it amidst chaos. I'm still working on that! What are Your tools for calm?


Madeleine said...

I love the print. Your post reminds me of a small bamboo forest near my childhood home that friends and I would get lost in for was very magical, indeed. You're right, true peace is finding the calm amidst the storm. I think the more one practices meditation, the easier it gets. The more connected I am spiritually, the easier it becomes for me to go with the flow, instead of allowing stress to overwhelm me.

Nice post =]

Eco Mama said...

Thanks Madeleine!
Eco Mama