Saturday, October 17, 2009

A World of Adventures for Game Night

Need something new and exciting for game night? A World of Adventures from Haba is a wonderful way to spend an evening bonding with your child. It's got enough going on that older kids and adults will find it enjoyable as well as that European charm.

Where were games like this when I was a kid? HABA's games are created by people who really understand the way children think and allow imaginations to soar. They're creative, original, and non-toxic. I would have gone crazy for this game and I have to say, even as an adult I am enchanted by it.

HABA's A World of Adventures is actually comprised of four games which can be played individually or together as "The Great Adventure." Two of the games are more difficult and each take between five and ten minutes to play. All of the components are absolutely beautiful to look at.

The first game, Journey Through the Jungle, takes you through the jungles of South America where you'll encounter ancient Inca temples using color recognition. Game two, Expedition to Antarctic, utilizes memory skills to travel across a treacherous ice desert as the adventurers try to make it to the igloo. The third game, High Above the Ravine, is a dice game where the goal is to get across the dangerous bridge and make it to camp. For the last game, Across the Volcanoes, players hurl wooden raindrops at the volcano while moving across the terrain as quickly as possible.

The peices are wooden figures that your child might want to play with outside of this game, they are extremely well made and attractive. The boards are like works of art. This is one of the most visually appealing board games I've ever seen.

I highly recommend A World of Adventures. If you get one new game this year, consider this one. This game is educational, embraces different cultures, geographic themes, and the spirit of adventure and travel as well as cognitive skills. I can't say enough good things about it. Way exceeded expectations! Ages 4+ and available HERE.


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This is perfect. Thank you so much for the suggestion.

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Thanks Carmen!
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